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Samsung Sees Its better Note Preorders with the fresh samsung galaxy Note8

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RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – September 8, 2017 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc. reported this day which further people in the unite states have bought the samsung galaxy Note8 than Former Samsung Note phones during the same time period.
“We’re thrilled to see the powerful user response to the following standerd Note,” told Tim Baxter, president and chief executive officer, Samsung Electronics North America.
We built the samsung galaxy Note8 for people who desire a device which lets them be productive and allows for self-expression.”The samsung galaxy Note8 builds upon Samsung’s legacy of innovation.
In 2011, Samsung pioneered the big-screen phone category with the original samsung galaxy Note.
1 Compared to samsung galaxy Note5 S Pen2 Fast charging requires Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) or Quick Charge 2.0-compatible charger to work.

Samsung samsung galaxy Note eight smartphone Review: Superb however also Familiar

Each year near summer’s lock Samsung releases a fresh top-of-the-line Android-powered samsung galaxy Note phone.
If the Note eight looks familiar, it should: it’s almost identical to the samsung galaxy S8+ Droid smartphone Samsung launched in April .
But the Note 8’s crown jewel, and the 1 which distinguishes it from the samsung galaxy S8+, is its fresh camera.
Samsung samsung galaxy Note eight smartphone (low blur)Lisa EadiciccoSamsung samsung galaxy Note eight smartphone (higher blur)Lisa EadiciccoiPhone seven Plus (portrait mode)Lisa EadiciccoSamsung’s Note eight did a great job at making the subject appear sharp and detailed in the above portrait.
The samsung galaxy Note family has long been acclaimed for its stellar battery life, and the Note eight is no different.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Even at $1,000, the samsung galaxy Note eight is poised to be hugely successful

Many spelled the doom of the samsung galaxy Note eight once the value tag for the device was revealed.
Here’s the perspective on that:The samsung galaxy Note seven only managed 380,000 pre-orders in its premier two weeks.
The samsung galaxy S8 family combined to drive 550,000 pre-orders in just two days.
If history repeats itself, then the samsung galaxy Note eight is certain to fare even best than the doomed samsung galaxy Note 7, and can even encroach on S8 levels of success.
Either way, it would be an impressive showing the time considering its high value tag and the now-shaky past of this lineup.
 Samsung Galaxy Note 8





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