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Engadget declare : WhatsApp borrows Facebook’s colorful case updates

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Now you can switch your Whatsapplication case update to suit your mood.
You can stitch photos and videos together to make it look like Snapchat — or you can make it look further like its parent company’s case updates.
The chat application has updated its iOS and Android versions, giving it the ability to post text-based updates (with links, if you want) versus colorful backgrounds, just like Facebook’s.
It’s a non-essential feature, really, however it’s definitely further eye-catching than your typical text-based case — we won’t judge if you need to use it to catch people’s attention.

Whatsapplication is rolling out a new feature that lets users write case updates with a colorful background, reports VentureBeat.
It’s pretty much identical to a feature on Facebook, and also allows users to add a linked and choose a font for their statuses.
Whatsapplication started testing the feature earlier this month before releasing it to all users today.
The cases disappear after 2four hours and can be added to WhatsApp’s stories feature — copied from Snapchat, and this time obtainable on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.
But updates like this make it seem like in the future, we’ll just have a bunch of different applications that all do the same thing.
Facebook’s colorful status

WhatsApp gets a colorful update to its text cases feature

As it stated in WhatsApp this day reported a new form of case update — this time with colorful text and backgrounds.
Now, when users have a text update to share, they have the option of doing so with a bright background or font.
Whether you’re looking for vacation recommendations or notifying a group about the address for a party, the text-based case feature allows you to update your contacts in a fun and personal way.
Users have the option to srival the font and background color of the case update.
The feature will rolled out to iOS and Android users today, and will also be availcapable of those who Utilize the web client.


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