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Why Russian operatives buying American political advertesment on FB is such a large deal.

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Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesPressed with Researchers in Congress, FB told Wednesday that it has found directory that a pro-Kremlin Russian operatives “troll farm” purchased $100,000 worth of advertesment targeted at unite states voters among 2015 and 2017.
The finding was premier announced with the Washington Post, and FB published its own statement Wednesday afternoon.
A few of the roughly 3,000 advertesment that FB traced to the Russian firm mentioned presidential candidates donald trump or Hillary Clinton directly, according to the Post’s sources.
First, it approves that FB was 1 of the pathways with that Russian operatives sought to effect the united states election.
Second, it increases the question of the way those Russian operatives knew that unite states voters to target, and whether the donald trump campaign might have played any role.


Facebook tells fake accounts link to Russia purchased thousands of advertesment during US election

Facebook on Wednesday told it had found directory which fake accounts “likely operated out of Russia” purchased thousands of advertesment during the US presidential election designed to amplify divisive political messages.
“Our analysis proposes these accounts and Pages were affiliated with 1 another and likely operated out of Russia,” Stamos wrote in a post published on Facebook’s firm blog.
The “vast majority” of advertesment related to the fake Russian accounts did not aim a political candidate and instead focused on “amplifying divisive social and political messages across the ideological spectrum,” according to Stamos.
For example, FB told in July which it had found “no directory which Russian actors purchased advertesment on FB in connection with the election.”
Facebook told Wednesday which its analysis of advertesment purchased before and after the US presidential election were consistent with the data operation tactics it had previously outlined.


A Russian propaganda group bought advertesment on FB during the 2016 election. Here’s what which means.

Facebook reported Wednesday which a Russian propaganda Administration used the media platform to purchase $100,000 of political advertising.
How does the Russian propaganda machine work?
Special correspondent Nick Schifrin talked to someone who used to work as a “troll” inside the net study Agency.
Watch his July 2017 report from “Inside Putin’s Russia.”What is the net study Agency?
Learn further about the net study Agency from this 2015 conversation among PBS NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown and journalist Adrian Chen.
A Russian propaganda group

Facebook tells it’s ‘unable’ to uncover the advertesment link to Russia

Despite growing Stress on the company, FB tells that it’s “unable” to publicly uncover that advertesment were bought on its platform with accounts link to Russia during the 2016 US presidential election.
“Due to both Fed law and the reality that investigations are ongoing with the relevant authorities, we’re unable to share the ads,” a FB spokesperson said Business Insider on Friday.
Since then, Stress has been mounting on FB to publicly uncover the advertesment themselves.
The spokesperson too declined to tell whether FB would uncover the advertesment publicly after Mueller’s probe was concluded.
“Public reports in 2015 described a troll farm called the net study Agency,” a FB spokesperson said BI on Friday.

Warner: FB advertesment were directing people to such as page

(CNN) Sen. check Warner, the highest Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee, told FB officials told Senate staff Wednesday that the advertesment bought with Russians urged users to “Like” certain political groups — that then led to political messages flooding their FB break news feeds.
“This is kind of a whole ecosystem, where you have advertesment are 1 component, however then you have accounts and if those accounts, such as a certain group … ‘Mark Warner for Senate,’ whatever, pops up much higher in your newsfeed.
And you as a man do not monitor that,” Warner told Thursday.
Facebook’s chief safety officer told in a statement Wednesday that Russian “trolls” bought $100,000 in advertesment over the final 2 years — involving a handful of advertesment that specifically mentioned Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
A congressional source familiar with the FB briefings Wednesday told that the idea of the advertesment wasn’t to directly effect FB users to vote for 1 candidate or another based on that ad, however instead to plug them into groups that would then inundate their feeds with political messages to have aTry and effect their actions.
 Facebook ads

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