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Facebook fined 1.2M euros for protection infringement in Spain

Another privacy-related fine for FB in Europe: The Spanish information prevention regulator has issued a €1.2M (~$1.4M) fine versus the media behemoth for a series of violations regarding its data-harvesting activities.
Not obtaining express consent of users to process sensitive personal information is classified as a extremely serious offense under native DP law.
Therefore, the AEPD considers which the information provided with FB to users doesn’t comply with information prevention regulations,” it noted.
Even as GDPR strengthens the consent demandants for processing personal data, and expands the danger of holding and processing lots of personal data.
It is too this time looking to recruit a information prevention officer — a position mandated under GDPR.

Facebook fined 1.2 mn euros with Spanish information watchdog

Facebook has been fined 1.2 mn euros ($1.4 million) for allegedly collecting personal information from users in Spain which can then be used for advertising, the national information prevention watchdog told on Monday.
The fine stemmed from an probe into the social network firm conducted alongside similar explores in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, the AEPD authority said.
“The social network Utilizes specifically prevented information for advertising, between other purposes, without obtaining users’ express consent as information prevention law demands, a serious infringement.”
Using cookies, FB too collects information from people who don’t have an account on the social network however navigate other pages containing a “like” button, AEPD said.
Facebook users’ activity can too be tracked on third-party sites, and the information gathered added to what is endeed associated with a FB account, AEPD said.


Facebook fined in Spain for allegedly misusing personal data

More than that, mark Zuckerberg and Co. apparently did not say people the way information gathered from cookies on websites containing the ubiquitous “Like” badge would be used, either.
Even if you are not 1 of the 2 bn account holders, FB continue allegedly collects your browsing information out of which thumbs up emoji.
The AEPD too found which FB saved consumer information for over 17 months after people locked their accounts.
The major appeal which Facebook’s privacy policy contains generic and Mysterious terms follows investigations which Google’s privacy policy was not exactly up to legal par in 2012, as well.
While the fine amount may be symbolic, any resulting changes made to Facebook’s policy on consumer information likely will not be.

Facebook logo | Sean Gallup/Getty Images FB fined €1.2 mn in SpainFacebook was fined €1.2 mn Monday with Spain’s information prevention watchdog for breaking the country’s privacy rules, the latest in a series of legal crises which have beset the social networking giant in recent years.
Alongside other tech companies such as Google and Twitter, FB has become embroiled in often bitter fights over the way it Utilizes on-line information gathered from its roughly 2 bn every 30 days users worldwide.
In response, the tech giant told it disagreed with the watchdog’s assessment and would claim the decision.
Last year, FB beat a similar status on claim versus the Belgian information prevention agency.
In May, the French information prevention authority too fined FB €150,000 — its maximum fine — for violations similar to what was disclosed with its Spanish counterpart.

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