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Gab.ai sues Google post expulsion from Play Store

In August, Google had banned Gab from its Android Store, citing violations of Google’s hate speech policies.
(Reuters)Free-speech media platform Gab.ai has sued Google, telling the tech giant has violated Fed antitrust laws by rejecting its app from the Google Play Store.
“This developer Information Systems welcome to appeal the suspension if they’ve addressed the policy violations and are compliant by our Developer programme Policies,” Google added.
However, Gab has alleged which Google rejected its app to help its business partner Twitter.

PokerStars, 888 and partypoker Real Money Poker Apps this day Live in Google Play Store

PokerStars, 888 and partypoker Real Money Poker Apps this day Live in Google google play store A 2nd wave of approvals sees the highest on-line poker operators by Android apps this day available in the store.
Share:Real money poker apps from PokerStars, 888poker and partypoker are this day available in the Google Play cell cell smartphone app store in the UK.
Google relaxed the rules on real money gambling in the app store back in July, bringing it in-line by Apple’s App Store rules.
In France, however, Winamax’s real money poker app was approved.
This article originally appeared on Poker Industry PRO and has been republished here as a courtesy to our readers.

ExpensiveWall Android malware sneaks into Google Play Store

ExpensiveWall Android malware sneaks into Google Play StoreIt seems almost also ironic which the Google google play store has been secretly invaded by even further malware after it has increased its Google Play prevent safety platform for Android.
Boasting of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, Play prevent pledges to prevent Android users further thoroughly without having to promote manpower.
In fact, ExpensiveWall itself made it to Google google play store twice.
Check Point alerted Google to the presence of some infective apps on Google google play store early August, at which point Google promptly took those apps down.
Once the app has been installed from Play Store, it asks users for access to the net and to send SMS, permissions common to many Android apps and often taken for granted.
ExpensiveWall Android

Google google play store Download Version 8.2.37 by fresh UI (APK Download)

Google has this day launched a new version of the Google google play store app soon version 8.2.37, and you can this day download google play store generality recent version directly via the google play store APK file.
This upgrade Google google play store APK upgrade doesn’t bring any revolutionary changes to the store but comes by some internal changes.
If you are going to download the latest Google Play App, then we recommend you to download the latest Google Play services 11.5.14 app.
You can also download the Google Play Services APK 11.6.72 beta before proceeding to the latest Google google play store App download correlation below.
Google google play store Download 8.2.37 APK
Google Play Store

Google Android: huge Malware contagion Invades Google Play Store

Security investigators claim to have discovered 1 of the biggest outbreaks of Android malware ever to sneak its method from the Google google play store onto people’s devices.
“This was 1 of the generality extensive malware campaigns to infiltrate Google Play Store, both in size and in its malicious effect,” Daniel Padon, cell cell smartphone menace investigator at Check Point, says wealth .
The contagions spread more and wider than any other Google Play Store-distributed malware, except for a probably campaign called “Judy,” which infective as many as 36 mn devices, as Forbes notes .
The investigators noted which even after the supposed eradication, another version of the malware snuck its method onto the Google Play Store, reaching 5,000 devices before Google evicted it 4 days later.
Check Point told it would post a complete list of known malicious apps on its site for people to check against.
Google Android

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