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Pokemon Go news: main Raid upgrade ahead of Niantic’s Mewtwo event

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For those who Must travel someway to get to their nearest Pokemon game Go Raids, it could finish up being a Beautiful disappointing trip.
According to the latest Pokemon game Go break news from Trainers, it’s possible to reroll a Pokemon’s CP, next the Raid Boss Battle.
This apparently requires 2 Trainers to be fraction of the Pokemon game Go Raid to work, although there’s further than 1 way changing things which happen at the end.
By having 1 Trainer force lock their Pokemon game Go game before the raid boss is defeated means they miss out on the finish of the battle.
The other Trainer who stays in the fight could then mark out the CP, lock his own game and then resume it to see what the other Trainer would have received.

Pokemon GO: the way to Reroll Raid Bosses for Higher CP

Pokemon GO fans who have been getting included in the game’s fresh legendary Pokemon game raids going to all realize the pain of Eventually defeating the powerful raid boss, only for it to down in Capture Points (CP) dramatically the time it comes to catching it.
Now, a fresh tried and tested way allows players to exploit a visual bug in order to reroll the Pokemon, in the wishes of getting a further acceptable power level.
When victorious in a raid battle, the boss Pokemon‘s allocated CP going to be displayed for each player however each device going to roll a different number.
To genuinely alter a Pokemon‘s CP, players could force lock their application just before the raid boss is defeated, causing the encounter to finish without them.
If they aren’t happy with the number, all they Must do is wait 15 minutes for the raid to reset, then defeat the Pokemon game once repetition for a CP reroll.
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Pokemon Go Exploit Lets Players Reroll Raid Bosses For Higher CP

Start Slideshow A Pokemon game Go glitch has been disclosed which allows players to swap out their raid boss for 1 with a potentially higher power level.
When victorious in a raid battle, the arrest monitor going to display a certain CP for a Pokemon game which players could guess to stick ought they arrest the raid boss.
That fraction is just a visual bug as players going to continue receive the same CP which they saw at first.
A raid boss could have its CP re-rolled further than once during a raid with Utilizing the visual bug to evaluate possibility CP results.
The following time which the Trainer participates in the same raid after 15 minutes, the raid boss going to have a different predetermined CP level.
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