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Huawei Mate ten Lite going to sport a 18:9 FHD+ show & 4 cameras

Say hello to the Huawei  Mate ten Lite, a full-metal bodied smartphone by a quad cam determine up & 18:9 FHD+ display.
Supposedly code named Rhone, the Mate smartphones by the Lite suffix are less-expensive & less-premium versions of their flagship predecessors.
The show going to be the 1st time Huawei cell smartphone has put its FullView monitor into a smartphone, however other stand-out advanced of the Mate ten Lite involve its 4 cam setup.
The Mate ten Lite Information Systems slated for the same October 16 release as the Mate 10, very we’ll recently see if the leaked specifics are correct or if Huawei cell smartphone has something else up its sleeve.
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Huawei Mate ten detailed in leaked promo pics: double Leica camera by f/1.6 lenses

Promo materials for the Huawei cell smartphone Mate ten & Mate ten Pro have leaked, revealing the highlights of the upcoming flagship.
The digital helper going to be capable read foreign languages offlineSpeaking of, the fresh Leica double camera going to have 2 SUMMLUX-H lenses – both by f/1.6 aperture.
The double camera has a fresh layout, this day oriented vertically instead of near the highest edge.
The fresh Leica double camera by 2 f/1.6 lensesAnyway, the Huawei cell smartphone Mate ten going to be waterproof – IP67 – & going to offer peak LTE speeds up to 1.2Gbps (Cat.
IP67 water resistance • best than gigabit LTE • AI-controlled 4,000mAh batteryThe Huawei cell smartphone Mate ten & its many versions going to be unveiled on October 16.
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