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Google play store Version 8.2.56 by Newest safety Improvements

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Google play store Version 8.2.56 by Newest safety Improvements Google play store has been getting some love and attention after they’ve had crises by some hacked apps which passed by security.
This Information Systems the generality comfortable solution, but if you need to get it sooner, you can download the google play store APK file and download it.
The installed version going to allow your google play store app to automatically receive any aftertime formal updates.
There aren’t any other details regarding the latest google play store update, at least not this day as there are no launch notes available for it.
If there’s anything fresh regarding the google play store Version 8.2.56 be sure to check America out for later updates and get fresh data as recently as we get it.

[Download] Google play store upgrade by fresh Tab View UI

Google continues to get better the google play store and it provides updates constantly for its users.
The latest version comes by some fresh changes which allow the tab view UI.
There are also 2 other fresh versions, 8.2.37 and 8.2.38 but it Information Systems not recommended which you download them already.
Google play store version 8.2.36This fresh Google google play store comes by a brand fresh tab view AI the time you unlock the and you going to immediately see the ratings of the apps.
It has been announced which some zones have the size of the apps instead of the ratings.
 Google Play Store Update

Google adds “Open in Play Store” button to google play store cell cell smartphone site

When you tap on a correlation of a google play store app listing on an Android device, you’re supposed to be taken directly to the google play store app.
But occasionally Android doesn’t properly redirect links to the respective app (or the browser you’re Utilizing doesn’t handle those actions), leaving you on the cell cell smartphone site.
Should this ever happen to you, you’ll be happy to realize which Google has added a button to the cell cell smartphone website which going to take you right to the app.
I’ve seen similar buttons on sites such as Instagram, but the 1 on the google play store does exactly what it says.
You tap it, and the google play store app going to unlock by the app you were formerly viewing in the browser.


Google faces grievance over removing Gab from Play Store

Social network Gab has filed a grievance against Google for removing it from Play, the Android app store.
Gab’s lawyer told Google was assaulting anti-trust laws because it owns elect apps like YouTube and Google Plus.
“Google Play and Android have monopoly Dominance in the app store market, and Google’s apps YouTube and Google+ compete directly against Gab,” told lawyer Marc Randazza, representing Gab, in a post on publishing platform Medium.
“Google’s intimate copartnership by Twitter, that also competes against Gab, makes Google’s control of all Android apps available out of the google play store a serious restraint of trade issue.”





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