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Nokia Prepares Droid Oreo For Flagship Smartphone

As Google puts the last touches to the Oreo upgrade of its mobile operating system, it looks such as HMD Global’s current flagship going to be offering the operating system upgrade over the air in the extremely near future.
Ewan SpenceIt’s highly unlikely which the Nokia phone eight going to be the ‘first’ machine to have the public version of Oreo available.
Although the Nokia phone eight runs Droid 7.1.1 out of the box, Juho Sarvikas (CPO of Finnish start-up HMD universal who have brought the Nokia phone name back to the phone scene) took to Twitter with images of a Nokia phone eight downloading Droid 8.0.
It has endeed picked up acclaim with getting some of the every 30 days safety patches out to the Nokia phone five and Nokia phone six handsets before Google has supplied them to the Pixel handsets.
It has too pledged which every 1 of the current Nokia phone Droid handsets going to receive the Droid Oreo update.

The Nokia phone 3, five and six going to see Droid Oreo in 2017

According to an executive from HMD Global, all 3 phones going to get Droid Oreo with the finish of the year.
The Nokia phone 8‘s Droid Oreo upgrade may be just around the corner, too.
The Nokia phone eight isn’t even out in some big markets yet, extremely word of a main Programming upgrade right around the corner is welcomed news.
Nokia devices run a stock version of Android, much such as Motorola devices.
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The Nokia 3, 5 and 6

Nokia eight May Get Droid 8.0 Oreo upgrade with October End: Report

HMD Global’s Nokia phone 8, the premium offering in the company’s portfolio, is Eventually being reported in different markets.
While announcing the Nokia phone eight in Taiwan, a firm manager reportedly uncovered which the phone may receive Droid 8.0 Oreo upgrade with finish of October.
At this moment, there are no specific dates or launch schedule for the Nokia phone 8’s Oreo update.
At universal launch, HMD Global’s Sarvikas had pledged Droid O upgrade for the Nokia phone 8.
For those unaware, Droid 8.0 Oreo brings in a lot of fresh features such as photo in photo mode, notification channel feature, notification badges, Droid instant apps, and much more.






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