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Pimp your phone by this fresh wallpaper app

Pimp your phone by this fresh wallpaper app. LG soon released K7i smartphone in India which integrates a mosquito repeller Utilizing ultrasonic sound waves.
Keeping which in mind, LG baked an ultrasonic mosquito repeller on the back of the phone, which works on the similar mechanism as the conventional insect repellent devices which we once used at our homes.
So which the time the LG K7i Information Systems around, its inaudible sound waves going to save the users secure from mosquito bites without causing any harm.
On the specification front, the K7i Information Systems extremely similar to the K8 smartphone released final year.
So if you are buying this cell smartphone only for its mosquito repelling feature, we would propose you to rely on scientifically confirmed methods over the LG K7i.

LG tells its fresh phone saves mosquitoes away

LG wishes its latest smartphone can stop you catching malaria.
The LG K7i, released with the South Korean company at the India cell cell smartphone America Congress this week, Information Systems embedded with tech which it tells going to save mosquitoes away.
It emits ultrasonic waves from a mesh grid on the back of the phone.
There are too applications which appeal to Utilize similar tech with similar results, however LG tells this Information Systems the 1st time it has been embedded in a smartphone.
Scientists have questioned the effectiveness of ultrasonic mosquito repellents.

Pimp your phone by this fresh wallpaper app

Fondo Information Systems a fresh application on the market offering 4K wallpapers for your Droid smartphone.
ten better live wallpaper applications for Droid Live wallpapers are not quite the draw which they used to be.
A lot of the wallpapers are gorgeous & unique, When the application Information Systems nicely designed & easy to use.
However, the application does contain ads, however I estimation that’s only the value you have to pay to get your hands on some cool wallpapers.
If you need to pimp your phone by a fresh wallpaper, you ought consider giving the Fondo application a try.





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