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Nokia Prepares Droid Oreo For Flagship Smartphone

As Google puts the last touches to the Oreo upgrade of its mobile operating system, it looks such as HMD Global’s current flagship going to be offering the operating system upgrade over the air in the extremely near future.
Ewan SpenceIt’s highly unlikely which the Nokia phone eight going to be the ‘first’ machine to have the public version of Oreo available.
Although the Nokia phone eight runs Droid 7.1.1 out of the box, Juho Sarvikas (CPO of Finnish start-up HMD universal who have brought the Nokia phone name back to the phone scene) took to Twitter with images of a Nokia phone eight downloading Droid 8.0.
It has endeed picked up acclaim with getting some of the every 30 days safety patches out to the Nokia phone five and Nokia phone six handsets before Google has supplied them to the Pixel handsets.
It has too pledged which every 1 of the current Nokia phone Droid handsets going to receive the Droid Oreo update.

HMD pledges Droid P upgrade to all current Nokia phone Droid phones

HMD universal is committing to 2 platform updates for its Droid phones.
HMD is this time going 1 step more and stating which it going to deliver the Droid P upgrade — once it becomes obtainable following year — to its entire lineup.
HMD made the announcement during the release of the Nokia smartphone eight in the Philippines (via GSM Arena), with even the entry-level Nokia smartphone three smartphone approved to receive the update.
You’re guaranteed to receive 1 platform upgrade from generality industrialists (if you’re lucky), extremely it’s great to see HMD universal committing to 2 platform updates for its entire lineup.
As for the Oreo update, HMD is internally testing a beta build for the Nokia smartphone 8, with a stable build likely to roll out to the device with the finish of October.
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Nokia 6, Nokia phone eight and Other Nokia phone Droid Phones going to Get Droid P Update: HMD Global

Nokia 6, Nokia smartphone eight as well as the budget Nokia smartphone three smartphone and Nokia smartphone five going to get the Droid P upgrade the time the following main build of the mobile operating system is released, HMD universal has confirmed.
The Finnish firm has made the statement recently after it reported which the smartphones going to be upgraded to Droid 8.0 Oreo before the finish of the year.
This is line with the company’s pledges at release which its Nokia smartphone Droid smartphones going to run stock Droid with frequent updates.
This means which it might take some time for the firm to open the bootloaders and going to happen for devices 1 at a time.
As of now, HMD universal seems to be heading in the right direction and if this trend continues, we could guess Nokia smartphone to develop a loyal consumer foundation once again.





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