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Nokia phone to release a 4G feature smartphone to compete by JioPhone

Nokia phone to release a 4G feature smartphone to compete by JioPhone. As a result, many companies are in plans to release their budget cutsmartphones and 4G feature phones to compete byReliance.
2000 priced 4G feature smartphone.
We tell extremely as it looks such as Nokia phonephone is too in plans to get in the 4G feature smartphone market.
HMD universal’s India VP, Ajey Mehta has hinted which HMD perhapsrelease a feature smartphone by4G capabilities.
For this time, Nokia phonephone has 4 feature phones in the Indian market involving the newly released Nokia phonephone 3310 smartphone.

Nokia phone may recently get in 4G feature smartphone market in India

Drawing from the success of the revolutionary JioPhone (owned with Reliance Industries), handset producer Nokia phonephone may recently foray into the 4G feature smartphone market, various media reports quoted Ajay Mehta, India VP for HMD universal as telling.
HMD universal is the firm which develops and markets feature phones and smartphones under the Nokia phonephone brand name.
The firm has been operational since December 2016, after it purchased MSFT Mobile’s feature smartphone business.
Although it has a number of feature phones in the Indian market endeed, none of the existing Nokia phonephone feature phones could function on 4G LTE just networks.
“Feature smartphone is a critical category… and we see operators as a partner here.


Nokia phone may foray into 4G feature phones

NEW DELHI: HMD universal , producer of Nokia phonephone-badged feature and smartphones, may recently get in the developing 4G featurephone segment which is getting a massive push from JioPhone.“JioPhone is definitely willhave impact on the segment, and there is no question about it.
We are watching the way this materialises.
If we see a viable business proposition, we will definitely consider it and participate,” told Ajey Mehta , India VP for HMD universal.Mehta told featurephone category is soimportant for the Nokia phonephone brand due to its possibility size in India.
Nokia phonephone has 4 featurephones in India, involving the fresh-generation 3310 device.
“If there is a business opportunity, for sure we are unlock to it…in which [feature smartphone] category, our brand is sostrong,” he added.





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