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MSFT removes restrictions, opens up Edge for Apple iOS Preview to everyone

collected by :Maya Tony

While the Droid Preview version is coming recently, the Apple iOS Preview version was obtainable just for Windows Insiders.
To apply for access to the Edge for Apple iOS Preview, you ought simply click on the sourcelink.
the time the web website from MSFT opens, click on the box marked Apple iOS and type in your Apple ID.
If you have an Droid smartphone which you need to download the Edge Preview on, click the box marked Droid from the MSFT website.
download the preview of MSFT Launcher for your Droid smartphone with clicking on this linked source: MicrosoftEdge via MSPoweruser.com


MSFT Edge for Apple iOS and Droid: What developers want to realize – MSFT Edge Dev Blog

Joe’s post has All thing you want to realize about availability and advancedof the preview application experiences.
The Apple iOS application is obtainable this day for a limited audience in Apple’s TestFlight system, and the Droid application going to be obtainable shortly via Droid’s google play store Early Access.
In generality statuses, you shouldn’t want to do anything different for your website to just work in MSFT Edge for Apple iOS and Droid.
The version number “41” is the application version number aligned across all current versions of MSFT Edge (note which for simplicity, the application version number isn’t currently exposed in MSFT Edge for computer; just the EdgeHTML engine version number is exposed).
The sub-version number is a platform-specific version number which internal version number of the application on which platform.
Microsoft  iOS and Android

Announcing MSFT Edge for Apple iOS and Droid, MSFT Launcher – Windows trial Blog

Introducing MSFT Edge for Apple iOS/Droid and MSFT Launcher for Droid, 2 applications designed to make it simple to move what you’re working on among your smartphone and computer.
MSFT Edge for Apple iOS is obtainable starting this day in preview, byMicrosoft Edge for Droid obtainable recently in preview.
MSFT Edge for Apple iOS and AndroidOne of the generality popular demands we hear from people which Utilize MSFT Edge on Windows ten PCs is “we need our browser trial to move to our phones”.
Go here to sign up to analisis the MSFT Edge for Apple iOS and Droid preview applications.
Everyone on the Arrow Launcher beta going to automatically get the MSFT Launcher this day, and any other Droid users could join the preview of MSFT Launcher beginning this day as well.



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