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Dove tells it deeply regrets ‘racist’ FB advert

Dove has been forced to apologise for a FB advert which appeared to review a black lady turning white after washing herself byits output.
The advert shows a smiling black lady pulling her t-shirt off to uncover a white lady underneath.
Dover, owned by Unilever, told in a statement: “An image we soon posted on FB missed the check in representing ladies of colour thoughtfully.
We deeply regret the offence it caused.”The images went viral after they were screenshotted and shared on FB by make-up artist Nay the Mua.
Deborah Gibbs added: “No matter the way it was intended… it conveys the WRONG message.”The Standard has contacted Dove for more comment.

Dove tells it deeply regrets ‘racist’ FB advert

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Dove apologises for ‘racist’ FB advertising campaign

Dove has apologised after releasing a series of “racist” images which appeared to review a black lady turning white after Utilizing their soap.
The FB advertising campaign used a series of 3 images, showing a black lady peeling off her T-shirt to uncover a white lady underneath her skin.
A 3rd image shows the white lady undressing to uncover an Asian lady.
The FB campaign has this time been removed, however Nay the mua, an American makeup artist, saw the photos come up on her feed and shared them byher followers.
“I think they meant it’s for all skin types… it went from black to white to another race,” told 1 FB consumer.




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