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Android 1 Moto X4 shipments facing up to 27 days delay

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according to Android 1 Moto X4 shipments going to this time arrive among October 18 and 25 rather than this week.
The Droid 1 version of the Moto X4 is being purveyed exclusively out of Google’s Project Fi, however customers which pre-ordered the smartphone are this time facing shipping delays.
One customer took to Reddit to share an email which they received from Project Fi, and in which email the next message is present:Thanks for ordering a fresh Droid 1 Moto X4 from Project Fi.
A produce delay has impacted the estimated ship date for your fresh device, and your device ought ship among 10/18 and 10/25.
Moto X4 hands-on: Familiar name, entirely different phone

The Droid 1 Moto X4 is being delayed because of a produce issue

If you’ve been looking for a cost-efficient way to join Project Fi, you’re may be familiar with the Moto X4.
Unfortunately, 1 of those devices, the Moto X4, is delayed.
You’ll continue have month from the arrival of your Moto X4 to send in your device.
The Moto X4 has a 5.2-inch 1080p display with three GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage.
Are you interested in picking up the Moto X4?
The Android One Moto X4

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Android 1 Moto X4 for Project Fi chock with ‘production delay’

Google began taking pre-orders for the Droid 1 Moto X4 on Project Fi after the phone’s debut final month.
Google tells which a “production delay” has pushed back the ship date for the Droid 1 Moto X4 on Project Fi.
There’s no word on exactly what the “production delay” affecting the Droid 1 Moto X4 is.
It’s always disappointing the time a fresh smartphone is delayed, and I’m sure customers which pre-ordered this Droid 1 Moto X4 are bummed.
Here’s to hoping which Google’s got this unclear “production delay” under control now

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