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CCTV camera (closed circuit television) types and systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system where the circuit in which the video is transmitted is closed and all devices in this circuit are connected together. In the past, these signals would be transmitted by using a videocassette recorder, but these have been all but totally replaced by digital video recorder (DVR) systems that can first transfer data from analog to digital and then  store far more video and back up data automatically.


What is CCTV?


Modern CCTV systems are better than older because many reasons. Modern CCTV displays can be color, high-resolution displays and can include the ability to zoom to see more details.


Why CCTV surveillance is important?

  • Reduce Cost and Risk
  • Prevent and Deter Crime
  • Fool-Proof Coverage
  • Keep Your Employees Honest
  • Encourage Good Behavior
  • Prevent Safety Incidents

Types of CCTV surveillance systems:

We have to types of surveillance system:

  • DVR system
  • NVR system

NVR is better than DVR but each of them have its usage depends on the conditions.

Comparison between DVR and NVR systems:

Differences DVR system NVR system
The meaning DVR stands for digital video recorder NVR stands for network video recorder
Kinds of system DVR is an electronic device NVR is a software program
Kinds of data DVR system received data in analog and converts it to digital NVR system is a direct way to use data in digital without converter device
resolution High resolution Low resolution
Kinds of camera Analog camera IP camera
Cost lower higher
Usage For small distance For long distance

Types of cameras:

We have indoors and outdoors cameras our between them   depends on the conditions we will use the camera for.

  1. Box Camera

Can be used in Outdoor Environmental Housings or for Indoor mountings if aesthetics are not a concern

  1. Dome Camera

It is available in indoor or outdoor housings. Its  advantages is that it is small.

  1. PTZ Camera

Pan, Tilt and Zoom features. its benefits we can use it for zooming and see in all directions

  1. Bullet Camera

Requires no separate housing or lens, Good for low-light situations

  1. Day/Night Camera

IR filter that is lifted as lighting levels decrease

  1. Thermal (FLIR) Camera

Uses heat sensing to distinguish objects and people



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