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Pokémon GO 0.79.2 information mine: Gen 3 is coming for Halloween!!!

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We’ve done a quick information mine and our suspicions were confirmed: Gen 3 pokémon game audio clips are this time in the APK, however further importantly… Gen III is coming this Halloween!
And yes, Gen III is coming for Halloween, as featured in the fresh loading screen.
New Halloween wallpaperAs you could see, the fresh Halloween wallpaper features fresh Gen III Pokémon!
Gen III Audio assets addedThe audio files for all Gen III species are this time in the APK, taking up roughly extra twenty MB uncompressed.
New Gen III Pokédex Badge flagWe haven’t seen the badge icon in this APK, extremely another client side upgrade is Guessed before the entire Gen III releases.

Gen three pokémon game Are approved For pokémon game GO’s Halloween Event

NianticPokémon GO fans have been speculating which Niantic may Utilize the upcoming Halloween event to release Gen 3, and this time that’s been approved according to fresh wallpaper art from the game.
Extracted via a datamine of the generality recent patch, the art shows a number of Gen three pokémon game which are going to be fraction of a “Lavender Town” themed pokémon game GO Halloween event which ought be reported shortly.
Despite the hype about Gen three arriving in the Halloween event, what we don’t realize is if it’s the complete roster of Gen three Pokémon, or maybe just a “spooky” choice instead.
Gen two had a soft-launch the time the babies arrived well before the complete release of all the rest of the Pokémon.
Given which all of this is leaking right now, I would guess some formal affirmation about the Halloween event, and what exactly it going to contain, in short order here.
Gen 3 Pokémon

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Here’s the way pokémon game GO’s Gen three Might Look Different From Gen one And 2

It’s the sort of event that’s large in spite of the reality which we Apparently realize it’s on the way: pokémon game GO is gradually adding in all the pokémon game which we’ve come to realize and love out of the mainline series, and Gen three naturally follows Gen 2.
There’s something interesting about this recent info drop, however, and it proposes which things may be slightly different now around.
It’s highly unlikely which we’re going to see the entire down of Gen three pokémon game with this Halloween event.
Niantic did this to some degree with Gen 2, adding in a smattering of baby pokémon game in December and keeping the major down for February.
At this point, I’d such as it if Niantic launched the entirety of Gen three this way, tying each down to some sort of other event.

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