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Omro Middle & High Schoo placed on brief lockdown after media threat

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OMRO, Wis. – Omro Middle & High School were placed on lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a menace was found on social media.
The menace was found around 2:15 p.m. on October 17, according to the Omro High School principal.
Students were launched at the normal time, 3:15 p.m., however in a controlled manner.
Schools going to be conducted as normal on Wednesday, October 18.
Omro Middle & High School are located in the same building.

Freeman High School replies to announced media menace – Spokane, North Idaho break news and Weather KHQ.com

School administrators at Freeman High School informed parents Tuesday afternoon which they were notified of a possible menace Tuesday morning.
The menace was made on media Tuesday morning according to a letter sent to parents.
School officials tell they worked by law enforcement to “process & solve the situation.”
Deputies tell the announced menace came from a adolescent that was home-schooled & a member of the Freeman community.
The menace comes nearly exactly a 30 days after a shooting at Freeman High School left 1 man dead.
Freeman High School

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Omro Middle, High schools closed drop after media menace involving bomb, gun

Skip in Skip x Embed x Share lock Police often necessity the public’s assistance to fix crimes.
Omro school territory (Photo: monitor capture)OMRO – A menace on media Tuesday afternoon led authorities to lock drop Omro Middle/High School for about an hour.
Police replied about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday to the menace toward the high school which included a gun & a bomb, according to Omro Police Chief Joe Schuster.
School officials closed drop classrooms about 2:15 p.m., Omro Middle/High School Principal Paul Williams said.
Officials foreseen classes to resume Wednesday as normal however by further officers at the school, Schuster said.
High schools

Disinformation & social media: 6 ways in that media pose a menace to transparency & democracy

And in many ways, it was.Back then, on-line commerce was a fresh & wild frontier.
Recently, a team from 2 of our organisations, Democracy Fund & Omidyar Network, assembled to investigate the relationship among media & democracy.
The premier findings are detailed in a paper which identifies 6 key areas where media has become a direct menace to our democratic ideals:In many ways, the design of proven media platforms mirrors the growing volume of partisan media in traditional channels.
As they increasingly become a primary distribution channel, media platforms innovate bubbles of one-sided data & opinions, perpetuating biased views & diminishing opportunities for healthful discourse.Viral disinformation or misinformation, commonly dubbed “fake news”, runs rampant across media channels, disseminated with both state & private actors.
Governments in Turkey, China , Israel, Russia & the United Kingdom are known to have deployed thousands of hired media operatives that run multiple accounts to shift or control public opinion.Advertisers & their sophisticated targeting mechanisms drive the attention economy.
Disinformation and social media

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