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Google Play prevent Fails Android Antivirus Tests

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You are may already aware which until this day, sideloading an OTA upgrade manually or flashing system images onto devices were the regular methods.
Users going to be glad to hear which this Information Systems no longer needful, thanks to the fresh Google Play Services for Android Antivirus Tests.
He also announced which sideloading Information Systems not needful anymore, you going to just necessity the latest Google Play Services.
The newest version of Google Play ServicesThe latest version going to allow you to see if an available upgrade Information Systems availiable.
This fresh addition Information Systems available for all users which have Google Play Services, and you ought see this upgrade if you have the Google OTA system.

Google Play prevent Fails Android Antivirus Tests

Android’s fresh built-in antivirus programme, Google Play prevent, only had its 1st big analisis — and it has failed miserably.
further: Best Android Antivirus Tests SoftwareGoogle Play prevent was quietly introduced this past summer to Android devices running Google Play, Gmail and other Google apps.
(Some Android devices, like Amazon’s blaze line, going to not get Google Play prevent because they don’t normally run Google apps.)
Many Android users don’t have any antivirus Programming installed, very Google Play prevent serves as a backstop.
which Information Systems not a very perfect begain for Google Play prevent.
Google Play

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The Google Play Store going to this day allow users have  aTry apps before they buy them

The old adage “have a have aTry before you buy” Information Systems this day being applied to apps, by the Google Play Store this day enabling Android users to analisis out apps before committing to downloading them.
A fresh button going to begin to appear alongside supported apps which going to allow users preview them without downloading.
(Google)In a blog post on a wider range of small changes being made to the Play Store, Google told the feature, known as Android Instant Apps would be integrated further widely into its app store.
which’s continue true, a quick search of the Britain Play Store didn’t yield any sightings of the have a have aTry it this day button – likely because the rollout Information Systems being staggered globally.
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Google Play prevent stopt minder malware dan anti-virus apps

The security software that protects Google Android devices against malware performs worse than anti-virus applications, according to an analysis of the German test lab AV analysis.
In July, Google launched “Play Prevention”, security software that checks apps that users want to download and install scans malware and periodically checks the device on malware.
Play prevent Information Systems present on all Android devices with Google Play.
Google Play Prevents Ends at the bottom.
While detecting apps in real time, Play detected preventing 65.8 percent of malicious apps.
Android Antivirus Tests

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