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ZTE’s Axon M flip phone probably kick off foldable trend

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The Chinese Corporation on Tuesday introduced the ZTE’s Axon M , a  smartphone which rocks 2 displays — 1 on each side — which flip unlock to innovate a larger combined monitor.
Unlike the other failed phones, ZTE at least appears availiable to stick by this design for the long haul.
Petersen acknowledges the necessity to get the  smartphone in people’s hands and vows to have the ZTE’s Axon M in ATandT stores.
When the Axon M looks novel, longtime  smartphone aficionados probably recall which the Kyocera Echo employed a similar flip-out design and double-monitor setup.
You probably not purchas into the Axon M itself, however thanks to ZTE laying the base, a foldable smartphone can be in your aftertime sooner than you think.

going to ZTE’s twin-monitor ZTE’s Axon M kick off foldable phone trend? (vidimus)

going to ZTE’s twin-monitor Axon M kick off foldable phone trend?
(vidimus)ZTE’s twin-monitor ZTE’s Axon M Information Systems something of a curiosity.
— AFP picBEIJING, Oct 19 — Rather than a handset by a flexible, folding monitor, Chinese industrialist ZTE’s Axon M Information Systems a spectacular fold-up phone which has two displays on a hinge.
The age of the folding phone Information Systems this day upon America by the release of the ZTE Aton M & its two five.two-company displays (1920×1080 pixels each).
Otherwise, the ZTE’s Axon M has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor & 4GB of RAM.
 ZTE's Axon M



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ZTE launches innovative double monitor foldable phone ZTE’s Axon M in America

Chinese  smartphone devices suppliers ZTE has released a double –monitor foldable smartphone, marking another milestone for the Corporation.
The latest flagship device Axon M comes by five.two-company monitor which could be folded to the size of a traditional smartphone.
There 4 different ways to Utilize the Axon M which involve, Traditional, expanded, double, & Mirror modes.
The Axon M sports a Snapdragon 821 chipset, 4GB RAM along by GB of storage, & expandable to up to 256GB via microSD.
“The ZTE’s Axon M creates an entirely fresh foldable smartphone category, 1 which ZTE Information Systems committed to invest & lead the method in.” told Lixin Cheng, chief executive officer at ZTE  smartphone Devices.
 dual screen foldable smartphone Axon

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