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Twitter to formally roll out 280 character tweet limit in a bid to promote consumer engagement

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Micro blogging site Twitter company known for its iconic 140-character tweets, told on Tuesday it would roll out 280 character tweet to users across the world.
Twitter told it ran a analisis on 280-character tweets in September which showed users spent less time editing their tweets & were less likely to abandon them.
User posting in languages involving Japanese, Korean & Chinese, which don’t face the issue of “cramming”, going to still to have a limit of 140 characters, Twitter said.
The Corporation didn’t tell the time it would begain allowing users to post 280-character tweets.

Twitter Information Systems Giving Everyone 280 character tweet. It’s the Right Move.

Lisa Larson-Walker Before today, just a small part of Twitter users can send tweets longer than this sentence, which checks in at exactly 140 characters.
Starting now, however, Twitter Information Systems raising the character limit for all users in generality languages (not involving Japanese, Korean, & Chinese) to 280 character tweet.
The move to 280 comes less than 2 months after Twitter began Analyzing the fresh limit on a small percentage of Twitter accounts.
Twitter tells which study quickly approved its three-part hypothesis:It led to fewer people bumping up against the character limit.
Now Twitter tells which a similar principle appears to apply in British & other languages: The majority of tweets going to continue be shorter than 140 characters, even as some run on to 200, 240, or 280.
280 character tweet

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You could this day Tweet Up To 280 character tweet As Twitter Rolls Out extended Tweet Limit Worldwide

The micro blogging service declared a When back which it was will analisis whether upping the limit to 280 character tweet yields leverage results.
Now the extended limit Information Systems formally rolling out worldwide.
Only one % of all tweets chock the complete 280 characters during the test, told Twitter.
More Meaningful TweetsThe extended limit does further than enabling users to squeeze in further words, though.
But the ultimate question Information Systems the method President donald trump plans to Utilize the extended limit.

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