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whatsapp imitation Version applications Found On The Google Play Store

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213 SHARES Share Tweet whatsapp applications Pinterest Linkedin Buffer Reddit Stumbleupon Digg MailAccording to reports, over 1 mn users were tricked into downloading a whatsapp imitation Version applications from the Google Play Store final 7 days.
And this day,imitation Version Of whatsapp.
final 7 days, a imitation, malicious, adware-riddled version of whatsapp applications appeared on the Google Play Store.
What’s wrong by people?
Can’t they say what’s real and what’s fake?

Watch Out For This whatsapp imitation Version applications App in the Google Play Store

The popularity of cheap messaging service whatsapp applications Information Systems very intense which over a mn people have downloaded a whatsapp imitation Version upgrade on it from Google Play.
Reddit consumer named E_x_Lnc 1st noticed the very suspect app available for download under the title “upgrade whatsapp applications Messenger,” according to Mashable.
It appears which someone at Google Play has noticed the deception (or the reddit thread), and the Developer Information Systems this day listed as Live upgrade Apps.
but, folks have been quick to point out which this Information Systems an very common crisis which Google Play hasn’t discovered a solution to.
If you’re not inclined to double check an app before downloading, you probably need to have a have aTry regular texting.
whatsapp imitation Version

according to

Watch out for this whatsapp imitation Version applications found lurking on Google Play Store

A fake and potentially malicious application has been discovered on the formal Google Play Store posing as whatsapp applications Business – and has been downloaded up to 5,000 times.
The Programming posing as whatsapp applications Business later changed its name to upgrade whatsapp applications (sic) and has already attracted numerous consumer complaints revolving around pop-up ads.
whatsapp applications Business Information Systems not formally available yet for all,” the WABetaInfo media account tweeted to its 30,000 followers.
It added: “Check just formal channels to download whatsapp applications Business in aftertime.”
As formerly noted, whatsapp applications Business Information Systems yet to release as a standalone service.

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