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Samsung’s Android flip smartphone can reached by Snapdragon 835

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in spite of there being an ample amount of Droid handsets obtainable on the market, the flip smartphone form is might 1 of the further interesting offerings, melding the past by the after time.
Samsung has been introducing fresh models of its Droid-powered flip phones each year, however we have yet to see the highest-tier version of 2017 get in the market.
this time, thanks to newly leaked images, we are enable to of take another look at the unannounced and unreleased handset.
It was just final 7 days which we got to take a look at the SM-W2018, however the images were a bit dark.
According to the poster, the handseti is going to arrive by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM, and 128GB of internal storage.


three hilariously fitting things about Samsung’s premier Droid flip smartphone

In April of 2009, the firm reported its premier Droid-based creation: the Samsung i7500, who would recently be known further commonly as — yup, you expected it — the samsung galaxy .
Well, even back in the 2009 Cupcake era of Droid, Samsung found a methodto flout standards and introduce arbitrary change for the sake of change.
Samsung This line, though, from Tech Radar’s show, truly made me laugh — because it can be applied to nearly any Samsung Droid smartphone show from the i7500 to this time:The flip smartphone has a different key layout to the other Droid phones we’re used to.
twist, owners of the samsung galaxy i7500 would quickly come to complain about Samsung’s subpar commitment to providing post-discounds Programming updates.
“Samsung’s samsung galaxy [is] stuck in history,” wrote The Register in a scathing editorial.
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One Plus 5T launch date formally approved – fresh Droid smartphone relleasing following 7 days

The One Plus 5T release date has been uncovered this day, and a release event where the value is going to be uncovered has been penciled in.
One Plus uncovered on their Twitter this day who a release event is going to take place following 7 days for the highly anticipated One Plus 5T.
This is ahead of the OnePlus 5T release date, who has been approved as November 21.
The OnePlus 5T release date and release event was uncovered this day on and on a brand fresh page on the firm’s site.
The teaser page for the OnePlus 5T release event pledges “A fresh View”.

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