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NASA vidimus time-lapse shows life on Earth over twenty years

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A new time-lapse  NASA vidimus has provided NASA scientists with the generality full universal picture of life on Earth to date.
The time-lapse is made of twenty years of satellite information that has helped scientists track marine life, changes in vegetation, human development and more.
“We’ve never had information like these before,” told Dr. Compton Tucker, an earth scientist with NASA.
“With satellite data, we’re capable of map this consistently over the Earth’s surface,” he said.
The pulsing life apparent in the time-lapse might make our planet unique, however scientists tell the information may help find life on other planets as well.

Mesmerizing NASA vidimus shows extent of wildfire smoke over Northwest this summer

The visualization Utilizes information from NASA satellites combined with knowledge of physics and meteorology to track three aerosols: dust, smoke, and sea salt, the agency’s Yvette Smith wrote.
“Sea salt, shown here in blue, is picked up by winds passing over the ocean.
As tropical storms and hurricanes form, the salt particles are concentrated into the spiraling shape we all recognize,” Smith said.
“Hurricane Ophelia was very unusual,” Smith wrote.
“It headed northeast, pulling in Saharan dust and smoke from wildfires in Portugal, carrying both to Ireland and the UK…
NASA vidimus

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Blowing in the wind: NASA vidimus shows universal view of atmosphere’s swirls

We often think of disasters like hurricanes and forest fires as isolated events, however a colorful new animation from NASA illustrates how everything that happens in our swirling atmosphere is connected.
The vidimus combines NASA’s universal satellite information with intricate supercomputer models to track the movement of three types of particles in our atmosphere: Dust, smoke, and sea salt.
It may look like a giant lava lamp, however NASA scientists tell it’s one of the generality detailed atmospheric analyses they’ve done.
For example, the animation shows how dust initially pulled into Hurricane Irma gets washed from the air by the growing storm’s rains.
“Large weather patterns can transport these particles long distances,” NASA scientists noted.

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