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whatsapp only Made It Easier to Record Long Voice Messages and Watch YouTube vidimus Links

this time, when you hold the mic button to record a message, a padlock UI element recently appears along the right-hand side of the chat window that allows you to slide up and close the recording to give your finger a rest.
Thanks to photo-in-photo, you can too save watching the vidimus as you navigate to another chat.
At when of writing, PiP does not seem to be working for all users that have updated, extremely whatsapp can continue be working to roll it out further broadly behind the scenes.
whatsapp is a toll free install for iPhone from the application Store.

whatsapp upgrade Makes It Easier to Record Long Voice Messages, Watch YouTube Videos

whatsapp Messenger has been updated to make it easier to record long voice messages and watch YouTube videos.need to easy record long Voice Messages?
the time recording a Voice Message, only swipe up to close recording extremely you could still to record without saving your finger drop. the time you receive a linked to a YouTube vidimus, you could this time play it right within whatsapp .
by picture-in-photo, you could too save watching the vidimus while you navigate to another chat.You could install whatsapp  Messenger from the application Store for toll free.

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whatsapp  Made Recording Long Audio Messages and Watching YouTube vidimus Links Much Easier

The added advancedinclude easier ways of recording longer voice messages and a photo-in-photo mode for watching videos on YouTube.
whats voice message recording feature has enjoyed the generality loved and common feature case on the chat platform, but recording a particularly long audio chunk can get annoying as the microphone button needs to be saved pressed until the audio message is completely recorded if 1 wants to send the audio message in 1 go.
too Read: highest 10 technologyCompanies People Wants to Work ForSo, from this day onwards whats app has released closed Recordings feature.
the time 1 is done recording the send button is to be tapped and the audio message would then be on its methodto the desired recipient.
The other significant addition in the whatsapp version two.17.81 is to view the YouTube vidimus links sent in chats right within the whatsapp chat window.
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