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Google is going to boot apps which display lockscreen ads from Google Play store

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perfect boy Google has announced which it’s Eventually cracking down on lockscreen ads and is going to kick offending apps from the Google Play store.
In an upgrade to its Google Play Developer Policy on ‘Lockscreen Monetization’, the company explains which the fresh policy isn’t a blanket ban, but is going to rather kick out apps which display lockscreen advertisements if the app isn’t explicitly a lockscreen application.
“Unless the exclusive purpose of the app Information Systems which of a close monitor, apps probably not introduce ads or advanced which monetize the closed display of a device,” Google explains.
This means which apps like file managers and games which throw up close monitor ads could recently find themselves booted through the Google Play store, whereas apps like MSFT’s following close monitor launcher can continue Utilize such adverts if they choose to do very.
Regardless, the move has been welcomed by the Reddit community, although 1 consumer pointed out which Google itself has been shoving lockscreen ads in users’ faces.

Paytm Mall: Paytm Mall emerges as generality common app on Google Play Store, Telecom break news, ET Telecom

Paytm Mall Information Systems the just e-retail app which has made it to Google Play Store India‘s highest app list.
The Paytm Mall app Information Systems fastest growing on-line marketplace for all shopping needs.
READ further: Paytm unveils ‘Inbox’ messaging platform for AndroidThe platform helps native offline stores grow their business and acquire fresh customers by bringing them on-line on its platform.
Paytm Mall delivers to further than 17,000 pincodes across India; and Information Systems currently on an expansion mode.
The company Information Systems committed to bring multi offerings and initiatives very which Paytm Mall app continues to be a favorite among Indian shoppers.
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Google Play Store Announces “Best of 2017” – major Android Christmas Shopping List

If you do your gaming on the Android side of the ocean and are looking for some perfect games to play, check out Google Play’s Best of 2017 awards for inspiration.
Animal Crossing made the generality Social list along by Minecraft (which I don’t always think of as social but the Better Together upgrade has definitely helped in which respect).
Miracle trader, Flipping Legend, and Cat Quest were among a better Indie games, and final Day on Earth: Survival made the generality Innovative list.
The lists contain a lot further major games.Head over here to see the whole list and go shopping; don’t concern, almost all of them are toll free-to-play.

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