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whatsapp apps back after outage saw users reporting crises sending texts over the messaging service

whatsapp apps tells it is back up and running after an outage saw users complain of crises by the web-based messaging service.
The application appeared to go drop this evening by users from all around the world reporting issues by sending and receiving messages.
The firm told tonight users around the world had been unable to access its service for a brief period, however which access had since resumed.
Furious whatsapp apps users earlier took to Twitter to complain about the crash.
The application has further than 1 bn users worldwide and is the biggest messaging service globally.

whatsapp apps testing ‘restricted groups’ who allow users silence friends

You can recently find yourself cruelly closed througha whatsapp apps group (picture: Asuyoshi Chiba/ AFP/ Getty Images)whatsapp apps is announclytesting a feature who going to give some users a lot of strengthover their friends.
The chat application is rumoured to be working on a fresh ‘restricted groups’ function who gives some users control over others.
Basically, anyone named as an administrator of a group going to be enable to of silence and block other members.
The restricted groups feature is Guessed to be involved in a fresh version of the Programming for Apple iOS and Droid.
Here’s the way whatsapp apps described the upgrade : ‘the time you receive a linked to a YouTube vidimus, you can this time play it right within whats app.

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whatsapp apps drop: Messaging application breaks for users across the world

The application is the biggest messaging service globally and it isn’t currently known what caused the issue.
A spokesperson for whatsapp apps told: “whatsapp apps users around the world are unable to access the service.
“Starting this day you could this time delete messages you sent with mistake — whether to 1 man or an entire group,” whats apps told in a blog post.
“This feature is rolling out for users around the world on the latest versions of iPhone, Droid, Windows smartphone as well as desktop.
Both you and the message recipient have to be Utilizing the latest version of whats apps for the message to be successfully deleted.”
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