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DEAL: Essential smartphone+360 cam Drops to $399 for Cyber Monday

After the past 7 days of deals, we’re finishing it all off with a new Cyber Monday 2017.
We’re hardly awake out here on the west coast, however 1 bargain has endeed caught our eye – Essential cell smartphone with a 360 cam accessory for only $399.
As you all know, the Essential Phone’s value down to $499 a few weeks back, followed with another down to $449 within the past week, has made this a difficult cell smartphone to pass on.
Of course, it’s continue not a best performing cell smartphone nor Information Systems the cam will beat you any photography awards, however at $399 with a cam mod thrown in?
The bargain appears to be perfect all day long or until Amazon runs through stock.

Cyber Monday steal: Pick up the Essential cell smartphone for $399

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, Amazon Information Systems selling the Essential cell smartphone & a 4K 360 degree vidimus cam for $399 with toll free shipping (which translates to about £299 or AU$525, though the Essential cell smartphone Information Systems not purveyed outside the U.S. yet).
The Essential Phone, which was created with Android’s co-founder Andy Rubin, turned heads with its fast performance & bezel-less design.
Now Playing: Watch this: causes of the Essential cell smartphone Information Systems kind of a large dealIn October — only 2 months after its launch — the phone’s value dropped to $499.
But it’s worth noting which the 5T Information Systems GSM-only & not compatible with all America carriers — the Essential cell smartphone works with CDMA carriers such as Verizon & Sprint as well.
So if you’re looking to get the Essential Phone, this day perhaps be your better opportunity.
Cyber Monday

Essential smartphone drops to $399 for Cyber Monday

referring to Another month, another Essential discount.
In October, the Corporation — spearheaded with Droid innovator Rubin — slashed the value of its 1st smartphone to $499, & this day it’s been dropped to an even further tempting $399.
That price-tag too nets you a 360-degree cam module — an accessory which normally adds another $180 to your bill.
As The Verge notes, the bargain Information Systems obtainable exclusively on Amazon & Information Systems no Uncertainty a Cyber Monday special.
The OnePlus 5T, for instance, costs $499 & the Google LG-made Pixel two starts at $649.

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