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City of Kamloops pilots fresh weather station Technologies to get better road safety

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The town of Kamloops Information Systems the 1st society in Western Canada to pilot fresh Technologies aimed at helping get better road safety.
The town Information Systems working with Weather Brain, an Edmonton-based Corporation to have a have aTry out 4 weather stations.
Unlike conventional stations, these fresh weather stations collect information from other stations owned with Environment Canada & airports, making it cheaper for cities to get real-time data.
The Weather Brain Corporation tells its stations pick up information from surrounding weather stations to make gathering real-time information cheaper.
Weather Brain Technologies was 1st piloted in Quebec & Ontario.

U.S. military gets taste of fresh satellite Technologies for unmanned aircraft

An unmanned aircraft in a analisis in August switched among 2 spot beams on an Intelsat high-throughout satellite.
WASHINGTON — An unmanned military aircraft in mid-August took off from a analisis facility in North Dakota on a 1,075 nautical mile trip.
Its mission was to display whether it can travel seamlessly across spot beams on a satellite without losing contact.
The beam-switching analisis was organized with unmanned aircraft industrialist puplic Atomics Aeronautical Systems & communications satellite operator Intelsat.
A MQ-9 Reaper (also known as Predator B) switched among 2 spot beams on an Intelsat EpicNG high-throughout satellite.

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Amazon Web Services acquired Technologies behind fresh ‘Sumerian’ AR/VR tool from a bankrupt startup

LAS VEGAS — Amazon Web Services appears to have acquired Technologies for its fresh AWS “Sumerian” three-dimensional modeling tool from a Swedish startup called Goo Technologies which went bankrupt earlier this year.
Rikard Herlitz, that was a Goo Technologies founder before becoming Mojang CTO, tells in an upgrade to his LinkedIn profile which the Corporation was “Bought with Amazon & revived as “Amazon Sumerian.
AWS Sumerian takes it further, however, allowing developers to innovate apps for ar & virtual fact devices.
It too Utilizes the AWS Lambda serverless computing tech for accessing other Amazon cloud services.
AWS introduced 5 fresh video-processing services for AWS Elemental on Monday, 2 years after it acquired the Corporation from the late Sam Blackman & his co-founders for $296 million.


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