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Google Play Rejected An App Because it Mentioned BitTorrent

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BitTorrent apps aren’t exactly difficult to come by on Google Play, particularly in comparison to the iTunes App Store.
But BiglyBT only got its own app rejected from the Android-centric app store because of the word ‘BitTorrent’ in the description.
Instead Google claimed the rejection was because of the app’s metadata, specifically because it mentions another brand (BitTorrent).
The developers at Bigly are Beautiful shocked at the decision, particularly ever it affected an upgrade to an existing app.
Devs that Utilize the BitTorrent client are only going to have to wait and see what happens following time they upgrade their Programming on Google Play.

Google Play Store Rejects App For Utilizing the Word “BitTorrent”

Google Play has rejected a common BitTorrent client because it Utilizes the word “Bit” in the complete description.
The common app store for Android devices has had a nice collection of Bit apps for years, involving multi well-known brands.
the time they pushed an upgrade of their app on Google Play they were informed which their description violated the metadata policy.
Interestingly, BitTorrent Inc.’s own uTorrent app also disappeared from Google’s app store for a few days final 30 days, but it’s Mysterious to America causes of this was.
The app finally returned though, and there are also plenty of other apps by BitTorrent mentions on Google Play.

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highest Google Play App Dune! leaks data and geolocates users

common Google Play App Dune!
Leaks sensitive consumer dataA highest Google Play App was found to be leaking sensitive data and to contain multi OWASP flaws making the app vulnerable to data leakage, denial of service and data corruption.
The common app also geolocates its users despite the function not being required for the game execution and relays the users position.
The app sends the data to at least 32 distant servers and advanced 11 OWASP vulnerabilities involving multi which give permission to other applications to bypass some safety access and in the end access sensitive data.
“extremely often, these libraries silently perform needless actions  and leak data,” investigators told in the post.

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