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samsung galaxy Note eight: Smartphones fully dying after battery slow downs, customers tell

according to samsung galaxy Note eight users are complaining which their phones are unsuccessful to charge the battery slow downs.
Affected users tell which once their Note eight goes flat it stays flat, even if it’s plugged in and appears to be charging.
“My wife’s Note eight turned off this day and beat’t turn back on,” reads 1 such complaint.
however smartphone beat’t turn on.”Others have announced their phones warming up while connected to a charger, however remaining dead.
It tells which any Englandcustomers experiencing the issue or something similar ought contact Samsung on 0330 726 7864.


Samsung and LG troll Apple over battery slow downs

Apple has found itself in hot water after being busted slowing drop Former-gen iPhones in the grand gesture of helping the batteries inside of their smartphones, however this time major competitors in Samsung and LG are trolling Apple.
premier, Samsung came out and told: “We ensure extended battery life of Samsung mobile devices out of several -layer security measures, who involve Programming algorithms who govern the battery charging current and charging duration.
We don’t lower CPU performance out of Programming updates over the lifecycles of the smartphone”.
I personally bought 1 and regrettable returned it after Note 7s around the world were exploding.
Fellow South Korean electronics giant LG talked up who they don’t throttle their smartphones, nor do they compromise on performance.
battery slow downs

according to

Samsung has a fresh battery slow downs issue in its latest smartphone

Some people Utilizing Samsung’s latest smartphone, the samsung galaxy Note eight smartphone, are complaining who it will not charge.
Samsung had serious battery issues in the samsung galaxy Note seven the time multiphones exploded.
Samsung has another battery slow downs issue to bargain with: Droid Authority reports who multi customers Utilizing the samsung galaxy Note eight smartphone are complaining who the battery in their phones stops charging.
The issue seems to come after the smartphone battery is fully drained to 0percentand shuts drop.
1 customer recorded a vidimus showing his smartphone unsuccessful to charge:The samsung galaxy Note eight smartphone is the follow-up to the samsung galaxy Note seven, who suffered from serious battery crises.

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