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Police dept. removes FB post accused of backing white nationalism

A new Jersey police section has removed a FB post which contained a hand gesture known to be racially offensive because of its association bywhite nationalist movements.
The Matawan Police section posted the image of multiofficers posing in a blizzard on Thursday.
The post had a playful feel to many until they noticed the hand gesture which has been seen as a code for supporters of the white nationalist movement.
Gallo appeals the game is what the officers were trying to convey in the picture, telling, “The circle game, which children play in school.
which’s the reasona lot of departments aren’t on media.”The question is, since the time has a game centering around punching people ever been seen as “nice?”

Adelaide aged care worker Daniel Smyth loses unfair dismissal bid after FB post shows him in India during sick leave

fb post
fb post

In February 2016, Mr Smyth was jailed for 81 days for disqualified driving.
On June eight, Mr Smyth — which suffers from depression and bipolar — provided 2 sick certificates covering June eight to July 18, 2016.
“The period for the 2nd certificate was for the same period Mr Smyth had sought and been denied annual leave,” tribunal commissioner Paul McMahon told.
He told Mr Smyth was arrogant in which last meeting and had a “you could’t touch me” kind of behavior.
He found Alwyndor would not have fired Mr Smyth had he more discussed his absence byHR.

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FB wants Instagram Stories users to post all of their updates on whatsapp apps also

FB has encouraged people to begin posting All thing which they upload to photo sharing website Instagram Stories on its whatsapp apps messenger service.
The option isn’t obtainable to all Instagram users yet, but, as FB is continue trialling it.
Instagram Stories had 300 mn every day active users in November and whatsapp apps case has a similar number.
two/eleven Never miss a post Instagram controversially ditched its reverse-chronological order feed for a fresh order set with an algorithm, making it simple to completely miss some posts.
Go to your profile, tap the 3 dots in the highest right corner, unlock Cellular information Utilize and select Utilize Less information.

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