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Note eight smartphone Droid Oreo upgrade spotted in wild: What you want to realize

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as mentioned in Note eight Droid Oreo upgrade spotted in wild: What you want to knowThough Droid Oreo has been in beta testing on the samsung galaxy S8 for a while this time, things have been relatively silent on the Note eight forehead.
Aside from a leaked beta build final 30 days, we haven’t heard much about Oreo on the Note eight.
A post to the samsung galaxy Note eight smartphone subreddit shows America Oreo running on a Note eight by a Samsung Exynos processor.
Regardless of the nature of this seemingly random upgrade , it’ll certainly be encouraging to those which have been longing to see Oreo on their samsung galaxy Note eight smartphone.
For this time, it’s may be better not to get also excited, because an formal Oreo upgrade may be a long methodout.

Moto G4 smartphone Play users begin receiving Droid seven.one.one Nougat upgrade , may not get Oreo

The wait seems to be Eventually over for Moto G4 smartphone Play, as the smartphone users begin receiving Droid seven.one.one Nougat upgrade .
The Moto G4 smartphone Play was released back in May 2016, alongside 2 other G series phones – Moto G4 smartphone and G4 Plus.
While the Moto G4 smartphone and G4 Plus users were lucky sufficient to get the Nougat upgrade final year itself, thing were not who smooth for the G4 Play users.
Although the firm did not directly deny the Oreo upgrade for Moto G4 phone and G4 Play, however that’s what the blog post indicate.
The post does not mention any specifics about Moto G4 phone and Moto G4 smartphone Plus anywhere, who means who these 2 phones beat’t get Droid Oreo upgrade .



HTC smartphone apologizes for delaying Droid eight.0 Oreo upgrade for U11 in Europe

HTC phone UK source: HTC phone UK ( Twitter Hopefully, HTC phone is going to be enable to of find and mend the issues preventing it from releasing Droid Oreo for the U11 sooner rather than later.
The Taiwanese firm is continue between the premier to have provided the latest version of Droid to 1 of its flagships, even if which happened just in the US.
The Americaversion of HTC phoneU11 has endeed been updated to Droid eight.0 Oreo for further than a 30 days this time.
Unfortunately, customers which purchased the phone from other zones are going to Must wait a while longer for the upgrade .has just issued an apology aimed at customers U11 owners in Europe.
Apparently, the firm started to deploy the upgrade globally however ran into some unexpected issues which forced HTC phoneto delay Oreo for the U11 in Europe.

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