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the way to get portrait mode on original Pixel, Nexus and other Droid phones

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Having mastered the HDR mode backed byadvanced machine learning based Programming, Google brought the portrait mode to its fresh smartphones for 2017.
From our testing of the Pixel two smartphones, the portrait mode is quite impressive.
but, thanks to a easy cam application, the exact same feature could this time be ported to the Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X.
To get the portrait mode on the original Pixel Droid phones and the 2015 Nexus smartphones, only install the cam NX V7.three Android Package Kit over here and install it on your phone.
The UI is similar to Google cam and you could find the portrait mode option in the hamburger menu on the left.


Google investigating swipe issue on Pixel/Nexus Droid phones caused with Droid eight.one Oreo

The formal rollout of Droid eight.one Oreo has not been the smoothest one for Google.
Many owners of Pixel and Nexus phones — the devices which typically receive the latest Droid patches premier — have experienced unpleasant crises after downloading the upgrade .
One of these nasty bugs hindered the swipe mechanics on some handsets, making it difficultfor users to do basic things such as unlocking their smartphone or answering calls.
While issues such as these could certainly be annoying, we Must tell which Google has not been slacking around by bug mend releases.

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As it stated in

Google Duo spotted working on Droid phones without application installed: Reports

Google Duo calls are working on Droid phones without the application installed, report users.
It ought be noted which in India, Google had partnered bymany smartphone OEMs to pre-download the Duo application on budget cutdevices.
he runs a Nexus 6P, stock eight.one and he doesn’t have Duo installed he was showing up as having Duo installed (he didn’t have an “invite” following to his name) extremely I called him.
Others which have commented on the thread told they also have noticed Duo calls pop-up straight in the dialer itself.

this time Google is spamming Droid phones from other companies, also

We this time hear who Google is doing a similar thing on other Droid devices, where surveys have appeared in the Droid Messages application.
And having unforeseen “messages” from Google on Droid phones is definitely not something Droid users signed up for.
however I’m sure there are other ways to do it rather ambushing Droid users by surveys.
After all, generality Droid users are signed in into Google accounts on their phones, who means they’re Utilizing Gmail.
Email survey spam isn’t great, however it’s a lot best than spamming Droid phones.
Droid phones

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