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The top 5 of cloud storage applications for Android systems

Cloud storage services are a good option to keep files for one reason or another, either because of the limited space available on a device that may not support micro SD memory cards, or because the user wants to back up their files and images and keep them on the Web in the event of damage to their device . Cloud storage applications are offering good space for free with more sophisticated plans at good prices as well. This is a list of the top 5 cloud storage applications that a user can use to keep his or her files and images.

What are cloud storage services?

Cloud storage services allow you to download and back up the contents of smartphones or tablets on a public page to the Internet, allowing users to access their files from anywhere, either through the phone screen or computer screen. Not only is it a storage of files, it is more important than storing files. It protects files from loss in the case of Fermat or theft of the phone. These applications work on synchronizing everything on the phone automatically, which helps you to protect all files from loss. Here in this article we will learn about the top 8 cloud storage applications for Android systems.

Google Drive app: cloud storage Appropriate for basic needs

Google Drive is an option that many users use as the first cloud storage service they use. This may be due to being a Google company and a link to Gmail’s extensive email service from the same company, offering users 15 GB of free space and features A task that helps to manage files better. The service displays the record of changes made by the user to the documents, allows viewing and editing other users for such documents, and supports several file formats. Google Drive is a convenient, easy-to-use Google Account for the integration of Google services. This service is also integrated with the new Google Photos storage service, to provide unlimited storage for images with the service limited to the size of these images.

cloud storage
cloud storage

Dropbox application: a convenient choice for mobile devices

Dropbox has introduced itself as a unique cloud storage option on the Android system over the past few years. The application offers a small free storage space ranging from 2GB, but can be expanded to 16 GB in several ways. Dropbox is fast, simple and free, and one of its strengths is automatic backup. Which offers unique options on several platforms and for a variety of functions. App is a good option if the user has time to get extra storage space for free.

Box Application cloud storage: Perfect for simplicity lovers

The cloud storage application is available for free download on the Google Play Store, a very simple application. The application provides free 10 GB of storage space and can upload up to 250MB. Box offers a paid subscription option that is available at $ 10 per year for 25GB of storage. The application is the simplest application in this list because it does not have special features. It focuses on providing upload, upload and file sharing features with the ability to edit and comment on files. The application is also available on Digg to notify users of changes to shared documents.

cloud storage
cloud storage

OneDrive Application: Suitable for Microsoft product users

in addition to,OneDrive is a free storage solution offered by the Microsoft software giant. The application is an ideal partner for other well-known Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other important features such as automatic image and video backup, as well as simple collaboration and collaboration features. One of the beautiful application features is its integration with the Android warehousing system. Which allows users of Android Watch smart watches the possibility of displaying images of their smart watches. The OneDrive application is generally easy to use.

cloud storage
cloud storage

Mega Application cloud storage: For privacy lovers

finally,The Mega application offers 50 GB of free storage, making it one of the best free options available on the Android system. The app also encrypts everything that uploaded, while keeping the encryption key with the user. Making the application very convenient for privacy and security lovers on the web. The application allows automatic camera sync with the user account to automatically back up photos and videos. Mega has been developed by Kim Dot Com, formerly owner of Mega upload, who has been in conflict with US security agencies because of the content contained in the site and has closed it.


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