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How will the fifth generation networks 5G change our lives and specifications of our phones?


Mobile communication technologies are an important part of shaping our everyday lives. These technologies have changed our lives in the past and will change them again with the coming developments .

And here is a new generation of networking technologies began to feature on the horizon, A new generation of mobile networking capabilities and capabilities. Which will change our lives again: they are fifth generation networks 5G.

what is 5g the fifth generation networks 5G?

The world is witnessing an accelerated race for the development of 5G networks, the fifth generation networks of high-speed mobile networks, which will be the successor to the current 3G and 4G networks. This time, scientists very excited, saying that the fifth generation networks will come in a completely different way Will change the face of the whole world.

Samsung, Opo, Huawei, HTC, ZTE, Nokia and Ericsson are planning to provide 5G mobile services in 2018 or 2019 next year, as well as telecom operators including Verizon and AT & T Americas. Qatar Airways also tested its fifth generation mobile network during the 2018 Winter Olympics earlier this year.

The speed of fifth generation networks 5G

Currently, the maximum speed of 4G networks, the LTE-A of 225 Mbps. It can download a high-resolution 800 MB movie within 28.4 seconds. When you download the same movie at 50 gigabits per second. The maximum speed of the fifth generation networks, it will take less than a second.

as a result in,Users of mobile devices connected to a fifth generation network will be able to download a full movie within one second. If researchers at Cornell University infected, the fifth-generation networks will provide the user with a smooth and amazing experience. The stunning fifth-generation speeds will put a stop to futile waiting and slow applications.

fifth generation networks
fifth generation networks

How does fifth generation networks 5G work?

The MiMo technology, “multiple entries and multiple exits,” will play a key role in efficiency standards, according to researchers. MiMo uses several small antennas to service the data flow individually. Samsung has adopted this technology to deliver amazing data download speeds.

VGNs are likely to use more broadcast stations, including large broadcast sites and smaller radio-spectrum stations to ensure better coverage. Australian Communications Minister Malcolm Turn bull suggest that there could be a ground station for fifth-generation networks in each house or in each lighting column.

Special requirements to keep up with fifth generation networks 5G

Smartphones and existing mobile devices don’t not equip  to take advantage of the benefits of fifth-generation communications technology. Companies such as Samsung, LG U + and Huawei have already begun some testing on new generation 5 technologies. While these developments are still in their early stages, future mobile devices are likely to be equipped with longer-life batteries.

as a result in,The fifth-generation technology will allow mobile users to work faster and perform tasks more effectively. The new 5-generation phones will probably have multiple antennas. At the moment, they can’t have more than two antennas. But there is no information on the number of antennas. That will be available in new devices that will support the fifth-generation technology.

fifth generation networks
fifth generation networks

How long should we wait for the fifth-generation technology?

Based on the normal life cycle of the evolution of telecommunications networks. Fifth generation networks expect to be available in about 2021, but the South Korean government invested $ 1.5 billion in updates to enable it to experience the fifth generation networks in 2017 as an experiment in part of South Korea. To be blind in the country by 2020. Other experts also believe that the fifth-generation technology will not reach the United States until 2018, or perhaps until the Olympic Games in 2020. finally,It is unlikely to be introduce as a service before 2025. Erikson expects the availability of networks Of the fifth generation by 2020, but the development is tiring Liggy access to the fifth generation networks just started.

The world before and after the fifth-generation technology

Fifth-generation or 5G technology The next star looks like the world of communications. If you are lucky enough to attend the Mobile World Congress MWC conference held recently in Barcelona, ​​Spain and all those connected with the world of communications from Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, Intel and Samsung to the smallest mobile phone cover seller, you will realize that the history of the world will be divided into pre – 5G and beyond. We are offering a new revolution in the world of communications, where communication will not be limited to humans, but it will be between the machine and the machine (M2M) and we will see high speeds of the Internet and become the subject of buffering or waiting to download something of the past .. The new world has no time to wait.


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