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Now you can download FIFA soccer 2018 game,the most popular football game on your iPhone or iPad

Enjoy the world’s most popular football game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the free FIFA soccer 2018 game from Electronic Arts. The game has been completely redesigned and updated stadiums, players and teams to bring you an exciting and authentic football experience on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Of the quality of Apple, the focus of the game FIFA soccer 2018 is Cristiano Ronaldo player this year’s winner of the award so you will find a picture even on the game icon, and the game is available for Android devices.

In the FIFA soccer 2018 game for iPhone and iPad you can enjoy:

  • Create a strong football team in FIFA soccer 2018 game

In FIFA soccer 2018 game, you can build and develop your own team of favorite players. You can choose 11 of the more than 550 football teams in the game. You can also have football stars from Ronaldo, Maradona, Rivaldo, Batistuta and others. Players to reach them to the highest level of skill, in addition to enjoying the organization of the team and choose plans and tactics before each game to win and reach the top.

FIFA soccer 2018 game
FIFA soccer 2018 game
  • Additional new play mode (attacked to win)

FIFA Soccer 2018 2.0 has a new game mode where the game starts in a defensive position and you are diligent in trying to kidnap the ball and carry out rebounds to win in 90 seconds.

  • Follow the events of football worldwide in FIFA soccer 2018 game

The FIFA soccer 2018 game will keep you informed about what is going on in the world of round-the-world magic. You can also test your abilities in the Single Player or the Campaign mode, as well as daily contests and competitions that enable you to win valuable prizes.

FIFA soccer 2018 game
FIFA soccer 2018 game
  • World Team Contests FIFA soccer 2018 game

In FIFA 2018 you can join the World Online Championships where you can play with your friends and other players around the world, which enables you to win great prizes. You can also enter into individual online player competitions with anyone else from around the world.

FIFA soccer 2018 game
FIFA soccer 2018 game

FIFA soccer 2018 game features for iPhone and iPad

  • Free football game.
  • Game size is only 100 megabytes.
  • Works on Apple iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • A great graphic developer that enables you to enjoy an exciting experience and realistic play.
  • Easy to control game with the possibility of using different modes of control.
  • Create your own team of over 550 football teams from around the world.
  • The possibility of joining football stars at the moment or from previous times to your team.
  • Many individual and group play modes online.
  • Put a challenging game where you can challenge your friends or anyone from around the world in online games.
  • International tournaments, challenges and daily competitions to win prizes and rewards.

finally,In the FIFA Soccer 2018 game for iPhone and iPad, you can create your own team and train players to reach the most skilled and physical level (100), which is known within the game as the level of stars or Superstar status, and you can participate in tournaments and competitions that take place daily in the game to win prizes and money You can use it to develop players and buy new players.

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