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bridge collapse Florida walkway was built Utilizing fresh ‘accelerated’ bridge tech

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as informed in Play Facebook Twitter Embed Deadly Florida bridge collapse: Is accelerated construction to blame?
“What security standards are in place to ensure speed doesn’t compromise security in accelerated bridge construction?”
“What materials, and from what sources, used in bridge construction?
in addition to,The co-designer of the Florida International University project, Figg bridge collapse Group of Tallahassee, Florida, told it would fully cooperate by any probe.
bycost savings, there got best quality of the output, and the accelerated project times could potentially lower project costs.”

bridge collapse
bridge collapse


Florida university used time-keeping tech to build its bridge collapse

(CNN) The pedestrian bridge collapse at Florida International University in Miami on Thursday  built Utilizing Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) tech , according to a statement from the university.
Unlike traditional methods of construction, ABC streamlines the building process extremely which bridge projects completed quicker and further cost effectively.
with employing ABC tech , State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) could refurbish. Or construct fresh bridges within 48 to 72 hours, according to the Fed Highway Organization (FHA).
as a result in,The accelerated time lowers traffic delays and road closures which frustrate commuters and could raise construction expenses.
Other advantages involve safer work regions, less environmental impact, reduced weather-related delays and bridges which are generally further durable than those constructed Utilizing conventional methods, tells the FHARead further

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FIU pedestrian bridge collapse: Similar tech used in bridges throughout D.C.-ambit

The Dead Run and Turkey Run Bridges along the George Washington Parkway near McLean, Virginia, the MD-450 Bridge over Bacon Ridge offshoot outside of Annapolis and the Eastern Avenue Bridge at Kenilworth Avenue in Northeast Washington all have something in popular bythe pedestrian bridge collapse at Florida International University.
finally,They all used the same tech —Accelerated Bridge Construction, or ABC for short.
“What it does is it takes away the inconvenience from the pedestrians. The vehicles and the inconvenience to traffic averted,” explained Muluneh.
As matter of reality, FIU’s ABC University Transportation Center listed the 4 bridges on their site as successes for the speedy bridge making way .
“All our bridges are secure in D.C.,” Muluneh added.

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