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7 Tips will be best to charge your Android phone battery quickly and securely

If you have an Android phone, you notice that the Android phone battery is slow to charge. This problem is a little inconvenient for those who need to use the phone permanently. You have to wait a long time when you charge your entire battery. There are applications available for the system. Really speeding up the shipping process but unnoticeably all it do is stop applications running in the background and unused features in the phone are disabled.

If you leave home, work or other places, but notice that the phone battery is low, in this case you can follow most of the following tips that we will deal with here as below are actually affect and contribute to speed up the process of charging the phone battery after connecting the mobile charger.

Always use the original charging cable to charge your Android phone battery

There are many fake chargers in the mobile phone market. You should avoid them in any way and use the original charger inside the phone box and not another simulated charger. It not only affects the slow charge of the Android phone battery, but because of its different internal energy, it can damage the battery, And reduces the battery life of the battery so you should take into account that point well and always use the original charging cable of the device.

Android phone battery
Android phone battery

Turn off the phone if possible when charging

It no longer uses the phone while charging the battery. It must be turned off. This helps the Android phone battery to charge very quickly. The battery does not consume power while charging, unlike what is on and some still operate in the background that drains the mobile phone battery. You should turn off the phone if it has enabled us.

Airplane Mode for faster charging for your Android phone battery

Activating Airplane Mode is also an important step to make your Android phone battery charge fast. This will turn off the battery life of the SIM card in your phone and prevent some applications and processes that consume a lot of battery life from working in the background. Making the battery charge time less and the charging process will become faster.

Android phone battery
Android phone battery

Do not use the phone during charging the Android phone battery

Many of us cling to the phone and does not make it apart on the hand even for a moment even after the connection to the charger, whether to complete chat with friends through social applications or heavy games, this is dangerous to mobile battery such as heat and high temperature constantly also find it slow in shipping as all the energy Directly from the charger, then the battery, and the games and applications you use at the same time, so try leaving the mobile charging up to completion and use it as you wish.

Avoid charging your Android phone battery via laptop

The charger from the laptop does not make the battery power up as it should. Some of us are easy to use and the USB cable is used only to transfer data from computer to phone in charging the phone but it notes very well slow battery charge unlike its charger which pulls its power directly from the socket Electricity, so the best and safest way to charge the phone is through the charger and not the USB cable.

Android phone battery
Android phone battery

Use the Ampere application to find out the speed of charging

Sometimes you may want to know the speed of charging the Android phone battery. You can tell if the USB cable is good or there is damage or there is a problem with the charger of the phone or the battery itself, and easily you can get information about the battery and the quality of charging using the free Ampere application for phones Android, where the application works to display the battery status and temperature, including the maximum identification of the power of the charger used to charge the phone and once the charger cable is connected in the phone will begin to automatically review the speed of charging.

Disable GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth if you do not use them

Both GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth consume a lot of Android phone battery power if you activate them. Wi-Fi will always work in the background to search for nearby Wi-Fi signals and also GPS to monitor your location first-hand, and Bluetooth does not give up. Search for devices near your phone, so you can temporarily disable them while charging or permanently deactivating your phone battery if you want to have a longer battery life.

Android phone battery
Android phone battery


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