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Don’t play alone: Five multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad

It’s no secret that the advent of free multiplayer games has changed the way we played games. With these games, you can share a number of players and play the game as a team. The year 2016 with the best iPhone games came to our home. Currently, all you have to do is download the game and share your friends’ play.

Because there are a large number of multiplayer games available in our midst, we have chosen the best games for the iPhone that should be on our list of priorities. We’ll look at five of the best multi-player iOS games that every game addict should have on his or her iPhone.

Fruit Ninja – Large screen version – one of multiplayer games

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular free multiplayer games

designed specifically for iPhone devices. It is essential that this game be a special version of the iPad as well. One may be upset when he notices that he has to pay for the game again when he wants to download a version of the iPad, but unlike many other games that released an iPad version, Fruit Ninja really deserves to be downloaded.

In addition to the three cases that a single player can play during the game, the next version of the iPad adds a fourth case in which you can play the game against another user from any part of the world face to face, thanks to Apple’s GameCenter.

The game price is $ 2.99, and there is a free trial version.

multiplayer games
multiplayer games

Dungeon Hunter 4  free multiplayer games

If you are looking for the best free multiplayer video games you play on mobile phones for the iPhone, do not look beyond Dungeon Hunter 4. Your goal is to eliminate the demons that have destroyed your entire kingdom (Valenthia). In a city where everything has been destroyed, and your people desperately searching for a savior, you must do what you can to save your kingdom and save your people.


  • The multiplayer option allows you to chase the COOP Arena.
  • You can choose different game modes such as player vs player.
  • High-quality graphics make the gaming experience more entertaining and magical.
  • You can develop and customize fighting equipment to pursue fencing with your enemies
multiplayer games
multiplayer games

Battle Monkeys multiplayer game

In a world where monkeys have captured it, there is only one way to find out who is the leader; fighting. This very hilarious 3D game is one of the best multi-player games full of animals running on iOS. The crowd will cheer in your name while fighting your enemy monkeys. Win the game and take over the throne.


  • Come with the option of playing multiplayer live players and supports up to four (4) players together.
  • All graphics are high resolution and three dimensional.
  • You can customize your own monkey with more than 1000 different effects


Asphalt 8 Airborne game

With more than 200 million different downloads, Asphalt 8 gives you the opportunity to fly rather than just race on the ground. Designed and developed by Game loft in 2013, the 2016 update game comes with more impressive features. Here are some of them.

  • You can choose from over 140 customizable car brands.
  • Come with high-resolution graphics and different background music to listen to while playing.
  • Over 180 global events to choose from.
  • Multi-player online allows you to handle more than 10 players in a single round.
  • If burning tracks and roads are your favorite sport, then you should not look away from Asphalt 8 Airborne.
multiplayer games
multiplayer games


Fast and Furious Legacy free multiplayer games

This special game follows the excellence of Fast and Furious. Just like in the movie, this game gives you an opportunity to defeat your opponents while competing for the lead and the most important features are:

  • Come with over 50 different race cars to choose from.
  • You can customize your racing car to suit your preferences and win the race with it.
  • All game graphics strictly HD.
  • The multiplayer option lets you challenge the bad guys known for the movie.

Plant Vs Zombies free multiplayer games

How powerful are you in repelling the zombie attack? If you want to test your own skills, you should play the free game Plants vs. Zombies from Apple Store. What happens here is that a bunch of zombies will attack your own plants, feed on them and they will come and knock the door on you to taste your taste as well.

Play mechanism:

With 26 different zombies who kill you, your main role is to use your 49 destructive plants to attack and kill zombies before they can attack you. Find the zombies in the vases and destroy them before they ruin your flowers and plants before they head towards you.

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