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A closer look at AR Emoji enhanced reality on the Samsung S9 and S9 Plus phones

Samsung is developing a new and fun way to integrate two types of technology to connect with video calls faster and more efficiently.

The company recently acquired a patent that combines the enhanced reality of Emojis with video chat, which means you can video chat with your friends using the AR Emoji image instead of your face.

Samsung joined the competition to develop enhanced reality technologies through smartphones

With the introduction of the AR Emoji feature in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung joined the competition to develop the enhanced reality technology through smart phones, a competition that has intensified recently after the initiative of a large number of smart phone companies to offer phones that support this feature in one way or another .

AR Emoji
AR Emoji

We can’t lose sight of the Animoji technology developed by Apple in its latest iPhone X phone

When we reviewed the new AR Emoji technology offered by Samsung, we can’t ignore the technology that was developed by Apple in its latest phone for iPhone X. Which also depends on adding filters and changing facial features through enhanced reality technology built into the camera. The convergence between them in terms of content, capabilities and technology used is very strong. Although Samsung is a little different. The AR Emojies technology can transform the user’s face entirely into a cartoon character, which Apple’s technology can not yet resemble.

AR Emoji
AR Emoji

Which distinguishes AR Emoji from other technologies

The patent first unveiled by Patently Mobile. And aims to enable video chat without having to use the bandwidth required for direct video transmission. Making it faster and more efficient. The feature of the Emoji ARs is the Samsung version is basically from Apple’s Animoji.

This new system can solve more than just the bandwidth problem as mentioned in the patent. When you chat on video, you rarely seem to look directly at the person you’re talking to. Because the camera is usually at the top of the screen. Virtualized by Samsung’s Emoji AR. The image corrected so that the user seems to be looking directly at the other person.

AR Emoji
AR Emoji

The reason for the discovery of AR Emoji  technique

As demonstrated by the patent granted to Samsung, the company seems to want to use AR Emoji. To mitigate Internet connection problems during video calls. Here we are talking about all those cases. Where the quality of the video call is low because of the slow speed of the Internet. Specifically Samsung’s goal is to show our avatar in 3D in this type of position.

AR Emoji
AR Emoji

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