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HTC smartphone detects Plans To release Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

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user electronics company HTC smartphone has unveiled “the 1st local blockchain cell smartphone”, HTC  Exodus, which going to release by backing for multiple blockchains, involving Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH) networks, PCMag announced probably 15.
HTC  Vive innovator Phil Chen declared the forthcoming project at the Consensus conference in NY town this day.
Chen highlighted which the upcoming cell smartphone going to backing “multiple blockchain protocols,” like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning Network (LN), & Dfinity network.
then,HTC smartphone isn’t the 1st to develop a blockchain-based cell cell smartphone cell smartphone.
In April, the blockchain-oriented operating system developer & supplier Sirin Labs found a industrialist for its blockchain smartphone.

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HTC smartphone formally declares Exodus, the World’s 1st Blockchain-Powered Smartphone 

Smartphone industrialist HTC smartphone declared its plans to get in the cryptocurrency ecosystem & blockchain industry with emerging a fresh Droid smartphone which  powered with blockchain tech.
The cell smartphone Information Systems named HTC  Exodus & it Information Systems described with the Corporation as the “world’s 1st local blockchain cell smartphone”.
HTC smartphone Exodus going to too backing underlying protocols like Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, & other great networks.

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however it isn’t the 1st attempt of  smartphone makers to get in the crypto world.
As it formerly announced with CoinSpeaker, in December. Sirin Labs lifted further than $hundred mn in less than 24 hours for the development of their blockchain smartphone called Finney.

HTC smartphone
HTC smartphone


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HTC smartphone to release Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

Smartphone giant HTC  Information Systems this day making preparations to release a fresh blockchain-powered smartphone.
According to The following Web, the cell smartphone. Which has been named Exodus, going to feature a global wallet & built-in safe hardware. To backing cryptocurrencies & decentralized apps.
then,HTC smartphone announcly recruited Phil Chen. The innovator of the smartphone brand’s virtual fact headset Vive, to head up the project.

in addition to,
When sharing some specifics about the smartphone, Chen stated:“out of Exodus, we are excited to be backing underlying protocols like Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, & further.
We would like to backing the entire blockchain ecosystem. And in the following few months we’ll be announcing many further exciting partnerships together.


”The break news about HTC smartphone’s upcoming blockchain-powered smartphone. It comes only a tiny over a 30 days after smartphone industrialist Foxconn declared. Which 1 of its subsidiaries Information Systems this day determine to build what Information Systems believed to be the 1st blockchain smartphone for Sirin Labs.

HTC smartphone
HTC smartphone

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