4 best effective types of social media advertising in 2019

There are many different marketing methods that result in good results but social media advertising  are the biggest and most confident way to achieve the desired results

Social media advertisements  and Social media  user  uses information
So that he can provide relevant ads that are relevant to what they are interested in

And also when the target market is consistent with the user’s demographics, the result is that advertising increases significantly in sales

Social media advertising 

What Are The Benefits Of Advertising On Social Media sites ?
Advertising on social media sites will help you get consistent sales

On the other hand, for new e-commerce sites, the ability to win new customers continuously is a huge and important deal
. Even if you can’t achieve net positive revenue on the initial sale, referrals, email marketing and customer retention can pay off extensively with every marginal customer

Benefits of sales through social media sites
1-Increase sales and fan base
You can use the content created by the client
Better target net new and returning customers

Peekerscitech discusses all about social media plan

Let’s focus on the most important social media platforms that deserve time and invest money

1-Facebook Advertising

2 billion monthly users enter the facebook.
This platform hosts over a quarter of the world’s population
Facebook is ahead of the lead generation
If you want to increase email addresses, Facebook is the place for you

Common examples are advertising campaigns on social media, for example

Product coupons.
Sitewide discounts.
Limited-time offers.

Then take care of prospects, Using the targeted vertical response connector that identifies them with your brand and products

How Facebook Advertising is Priced

The price varies depending on how many audiences you’re trying to target and the budget you set for your ad

Also the more money you spend, the more efficient Facebook’s algorithm becomes at spending your money, increasing your ad performance over time

he average cost per click (CPC) of Facebook ads as of 2016 was roughly .28 cents and the cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) was $7.19

Facebook Advertising Advanced Tactics

Prospecting and re-targeting ads should be unique
You must split the slides and place an ad for each slide
Use prospecting ads to build brand awareness and put information about your product
You should put a test to advertise at least every two weeks

2-instagram advertising

Instagram now boasts more than 500 million monthly active users and commands one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media, 58% higher than Facebook

The main users of this platform are vendors of visually attractive products or who are able to integrate visual media into their campaigns within social media

It is also worth noting that Instagram’s user base skews heavily to the 18-29 range and slightly more toward females and minorities

How Instagram Advertising is Priced

On average, Instagram advertising costs are in the same ballpark as Facebook ads at a cost of $5 per thousand impressions (CPM)

Instagram Advertising Advanced Tactics

Focus initially on your custom audiences and then create lists of users who have shared with you in the past
Use custom images for real people try to move the real visible

3-Twitter Advertising

It is a site for breaking news and an opportunity to communicate with influential people

With 328 million monthly active users, it remains one of the most popular social media platforms

How Twitter Advertising is Priced

On average, a thousand ad impressions (CPM) on Twitter ads cost between $9 and $11 while clicks cost roughly 25-30 cents each

There are a number of different campaigns that can be set up on Twitter

Twitter is relatively less used in ads and there are a number of types of campaigns such as

Promoted Accounts
Promoted Tweet
Website Cards

Twitter Advertising Advanced Tactics

Strongly targeted products you choose to promote and this platform requires you to have a more focused style

Use a relevant, compelling image that gives context to the viewer, fits your brand and draws attention

Make the ad in direct contact with the consumer
And priority was given for rent in the advertisement

4- Pinterest Advertising

This site targets women significantly by %81
With 175 million monthly users, it’s also an incredibly active platform

How Pinterest Advertising is Priced

Advertising data is a bit more difficult to find with Pinterest. Not too long ago, ads were expensive at $30-40 per 1,000 impressions

reports indicate that users are experiencing more affordable rates, with one user citing a CPM of $5.30

Pinterest Advertising Advanced Tactics

You must be creative within this platform to attract the attention of your followers
Focus on the target well
Interact with your followers and find out your competitors


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