4 best games of Nintendo 3Ds

4 best games of Nintendo 3Ds

the best games will get it at Nintendo 3Ds,so you do not hesitate In buying and playing.
We are talking about 4 best games of Nintendo 3Ds

the most important of Nintendo 3Ds is Luigi’s Mansion, Dectective Pikachu, Super Mario 3D land and The Leagend of Zelda :Ocarina of time 3D.


1-Luigi’s Mansion

firstly, one of adventures games so, You have to win and win the Presidents and solve the puzzles.
You will find a map on the screen that will guide you with strong light on the flash light.
After that,youwill Play and gamble a lot by hitting the fire inside the game and shooting at the water.
Also, you able to collectmany treasures.
You will find a competitive advantage.
You can choose from their best ghost images with a strong and multiplayer composition.

2-Detective Pikachu

firstly, the site is in the Ryme city,so you will find the best partner is called Pikachu.
The great detective resolves wiredevents in Ryme city.
He solves all the problems and writes the notes
.alsothe main eventSearch for his lost father and collect videos in crime scene.
The game full of adventures and fun .

3-Super Mario 3D land

Mario Games from the main games in the Nintendo Switch games specially Nintendo 3Ds.
You do not need special glasses because you are inside the game in depth, distance, running and defeating enemies
You can discover the depths of the place you play and the distances in addition to the jump movements.
Goomba and a piranha is new enemies.
also, sorts of games action and platforms.

4-The legend of Zelda:ocarina of time 3D

From unique classic of Nintendo 64 is this games.
You do not need to dress up glasses ,so it a new action trip Whether you are a professional player or a new player.
The king looks for finding triforce.
You will watch and enjoy different life in Nintendo 3Ds .

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