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Alternative energy
Alternative energy

6 benefits of Alternative energy


Alternative energy will be the basis of energy fundamentals in the near future and will spread globally.

and We will be talking here about the benefit of alternative energy for the use of individuals in their homes or for companies.
also We also talked about alternative energy sources and the advantages and disadvantages of alternative energy.

Alternative energy

1- Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

above all, Alternative energy can provide a wealth of wind, solar and other energy sources
This energy increase home and company without using fuels fossil
and It refers to renewable  energy reduces of greenhouse gas emissions
Also Means that investors use wind energy or solar and hydroelectric power to generate and store electricity
For areas with wind, solar and hydroelectric power there is no emissions of any buried gases

2- Improve public health

firstly, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that Americans spend an estimated $361.7 to $886.5 billion each year on our health for conditions related to the use of fossil fuels

Diseases spread cancer, heart disease, neurological problems and others

Renewable energy plays a role in raising the health of people

3- save money

The initial cost of construction is the largest cost in renewable energy, but then begins to pay very quickly
For example, solar power is widely used to reduce costs

and Renewable energy helps to live a better life and save money

4- Provide individual energy independence

Solar panels is the source of renewable energy
You can use in your home easily
You use it independently without a single partnership

5- Create jobs

Renewable energy consumes humans more than conventional energy.
And the whole world needs to increase in new and different job opportunities.
A group of analysts said renewable energy sources are increasing and need to open up new jobs of up to 20,000 jobs

6- Diversify our energy supply

This renewable energy reduces the dependence of large foreign oil
National Geographic said that” geothermal energy from underground reservoirs of steam and hot water  tapped to generate electricity or to heat and cool buildings directly
The result is that we can reach underground thermal energy throughout the year


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