6 of Alternative energy for your home


We offer the solution to you when we direct your thinking towards alternative energy that helps companies and factories
also help you in your home

We will talk about six ways that will help you in your home
And Using alternative energy to power your home can reduce or completely eliminate your utility bills, and the tax incentives for installing can make them even more cost effective


Alternative energy


Firstly, Rooftop Solar Panels


This method is the most comprehensive and famous
You install solar panels on your roof
and it is best to put square feet of solar panels to be enough energy
It benefits from energy and replaces roof tiles
Also, there is a weakness that the sun works only in the morning, but that will satisfy your morning needs well
You can generate 10 watts or more per foot
No natural home consumes less than a kilowatt of energy

We assure that if your roof is in bad condition, we recommend using solar panels


Secondly, Wind Turbines


Wind turbines are their main place in offshore wind farms
You can install the turbine on your property
Despite its usefulness, it is in small and popular areas, causing severe noise
The more space, the more useful it becomes
Wind power is actually more stable and its size is very good


Thirdly, Solar Oven


It is impossible and difficult to run your entire home with alternative energy, but using the solar oven reduces your use of electricity
The way the solar oven work on the encircling sunlight to heat the food

Features of solar oven

Heat the food free of charge
Do not be affected by the power outage
You can eat very hot and useful meals


Fourthly, solar Water Heating

Solar water heaters use the sun to heat a reserve of water.
You can pump through your faucet or showerhead.
Also it considers a cheap power.
and is easier to install than solar panels
Solar energy generates electricity and also works in your home to heat it


Fifthly, Solar Air Conditioning


Although the sun is a source of heat it is also used to cool your home
One of the most electrical appliances that use a high percentage of electricity is air conditioning
But using hot water in your home to cool it saves you a lot of money
This device works on the same principles of solar water heater


Sixthly, Hydro Power


Setting up a hydro power generator is not easy

and you may need to have a professional install it for you. If you have some engineering knowledge, though, you could even build it yourself from scratch


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