6 switch games for 2019

One of the best lists of switch games in 2019.

It is not the beginning since 2017 but it has become more famous and quality.

we will talk about six of it 

 switch games 


1-Unravel 2

it is  simple and  fun games.
You look for a friend who plays with you and then becomes a Yarny character.
There are many levels to reach the best,you will test your patience and strong concentration.

2-Yoshi’s crafted world

the main world is called wooly world in Yoshi games.
The game is not surprising but it comes happily to you.
The slider is developed in a different way.
The cameras monitor each reaction to the front and back.

3-Mortal kombat 11

Enjoying the game as it works on PC and XBOX,now, you will watch with switch games.
You will find classic characters as well as new ones.
You are the hero and you will tear the enemies.

4- Mineko’s Night Market

You will see the wonder in this game.
You see cats and breed them with some other characters
In the role MIneko will pursue the little ball and giant ABE.
Some accessories have a simple element of mini-games of cats.

5- Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

This game started slow steps to reach the end of the path to switch.
Firstly, it started in PC, then XBOX ONE.
Senua will live in the hell to save her lover.
And fight against those who stand before it.
these games are very horrible, so you will enjoy with it.

6- Pokemon Sword and Shield

These year present a new year for the game, the switch games offer the best in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
In the generation 8 Pokemon adventure Shows everything you love.
You will discover hybrid console in 2019 inside games such as Pokémon Switch, Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword.
Switch games will give you the internal rules, in the other hand, differ from the Pokemon company.
The Pokemon company Keeps the main lines on smartphones but Difference on keyboards.

Finally, switch games is a great entertainer and support a lot of skills

Do not hesitate to download one of the best games with strategy games for android in 2019 


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