6 ways to breaking android smartphones addiction

Android smartphones addiction has become more spreading in world
There are a large number who do not know they have this addiction
Most surveyed said that smartphones created better work life balance
And increasing to better communication
Despite all the pros of using phones there are a number of negatives to be eliminated
Peekerscitech was talked also about social media and depression

Smartphones addiction

You should try to get rid of excessive use of smartphones

1-Track your usage

We all install many applications within our phones
We must remove some of them
This apps has taken your time and your mind
Also you like a robot behind your smartphones
You must set limits and specific time to use it

2-Stop scrolling

Many apps are designed with infinite scrolling functions
You lose your time through scrolling
Also nothing took our attention better than the unknown
Social networking sites has taken element surprise by searching
There is always news and news every minute
Also, the person feels that he is self-conscious and comes out with a feeling of muddled feelings
Psychologists say this feeling is called rapid reward

3-calm your mind

You should try yoga and exercise
Sports brings happiness and dopamine to your body
The phone works on the hormone of happiness in the body if you deal with the mobile for a long time
Your mental health is very important so do not waste it by padding a metal device

4-use the physical versions of smartphone

When you have a smart phone and has many applications accounting, camera, alarm and other applications
It makes you depend on it in everything
If you replace your tools with something else like a stimulant, buy a separate alarm
And a special calculator and things that make you reduce your deal with the phone

5-helping from your friends

In the subject of addiction in general the first step of healing is Recognize that you have a problem
And Having friends and family helps you get rid of addiction
It is possible for your family to monitor you and set up a special system for you
For example do not catch your mobile through family meeting
Also you have a specific time to see the mobile

6-Turn off all notification that is unimportant

There are many notification make us disturbance
It’s the people’s alerts that have to keep working, but they find useless applications that tell us things that are not important that make us grab the phone and look inside it
This will help to minimize phone usage






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