7 amazing social media facts and statistics

Social media facts that might change your thinking about marketing
Social media plans will help for reaching your goals In marketing plan
and Social media has become the number one in self-entertainment or spend time communicating with friends via android smartphones

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Social media facts

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1-social media usage stats

Average in the use of the Internet 6 7. Accounts through social networking in late 2017
Internet users increased by 121 million
It is expected that older users will have a higher proportion of their use of branded content than the younger ones
Also, a large proportion of users of social media do not read a brand profile
We spend x years and three months as we watch social networking sites

2-Facebook stats

The largest gathering of Facebook users is not the United States but India
There is competition for third place from Indonesia and Brazil
And also a proportion of Facebook users under the age of 10 years
Facebook keeps more than 58 percent of a favorite brand
Men and women also share funny videos and articles

3-instagram stats


Anyone who likes to share pictures adds an account to himself
He is the winner of more than 233 million followers
Eighty per cent of users follow one profile
Also the snape chat and infusion are very popular
Brands prefer instagram at % 85

4-youtube stats

Upload videos from YouTube is the best live streaming network created over the decades
It is the second largest search engine and ranks second after Google with about 3 billion monthly searches
The overall average of the session is 4 minutes
YouTube thinks it has half of the time spent watching videos on the Internet or on television

5-twitter stats

Although there are a large number of accounts on Twitter up to 1.3 billion accounts, but running 336 monthly accounts
Viewing Twitter will take you ages, two months and one day
80% of Twitter users open it from their smartphones


Is a strong social platform that cares about your brand and Egypt is considered for reliable news and information
And whoever comes to your site often to buy and not just to watch fleeting
They spend from 140 to 180 dollars
Comparison of Facebook users

7-Social media marketing stats

Facebook is the largest social networking site to advertise 5 million brands
And advertising spending within social media reaches $ 35 billion in 2017
Social media changes and you need to understand your competitors seriously and know the market around you


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