8 Indian Humanoid Robots and their stories

Indian Humanoid  Robots are the most popular robots in the world
And robot sales is increased by 27 percent to 2,627 unites in India
also The Indian government work at a fast pace to add new technologies
And the India ranks third in robotic automation
And Human robot can compete with human abilities

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Indian Humanoid robots 


firstly It is invented in 2011 by defence research and development
and It designed to detect and recover explosive devices
The indian army uses the Daksh in real
also It can identify a strange object and diffuse with a water
and You can do multitasks such as climbing a staircase and towing a suspected vehicle away from a crowded area
and This robot has got an upgrade in 2015 so now it becomes faster and lighter
Also it uses in induction with chemical,biology and nuclear hazard


It is called to response frequently asked question by the customers
And helping to the correct counter
Also it considers the first bank uses a humanois robot in india


above all The robot built with five feet tall
This robot made of fiberglass
and It is designed for using autonomous and facial
Also speech recognition
It is launched in 2017 by narendra modi and ivanka
And you can watch mitra with people


firstly It is designed for deal with low and traffic management
And It has cameras and sensors such as proximity and temperature sensors
and It can protect the places and malls
Also airport and signal posts


It is the first 3d printed humanoid robot
and The weight is two kilos
and It has an ability for processing sound and talk,walk and dance
also It is designed for research related purposes
The outer frame is made of plastic
Also it can play of football


It is designed for suiting the needs of airport
alsoIt can answer for any passengers
And it can provide the flight and check in details


firstly It put in the international airport
Also it is programmed to help customer for promoting the services
and It is built on a chassis of four wheels
And It has a three cameras


It is one of the indian robot
and It is the tallest humanoid robot built in india
It made inside a house with easily available
Such as aluminum,wood and plastic
It is designed for entertainment and education




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